5 great reasons why you should opt for a marquee wedding


It is generally agreed that the wedding day is one of the most important events in a couple’s life and for this reason, it has to be perfect. Many people resort to holding their wedding in a fancy restaurant, but why not try something different. Restaurants are usually placed in the city, and if you want to hold your wedding somewhere in the country or next to the sea for instance, transporting all your guests from one place to another might be a problem. The best option is to organize it in a marquee. Websites such as http://www.cameoeventhire.co.uk/ might be a good starting point for your research as far as companies that provide marquee hire services are concerned.

You can place it everywhere you want

One of the great benefits of organizing the wedding in a tent or a marquee is that you can place the tent nearly everywhere you want. Be it next to a lake, somewhere with some spectacular country views or even at home, all you need for this is a bit of space. You can choose a place that holds some of the fondest memories of you and your partner.

The marquee is specifically designed for you

The marquee where the wedding is being hold is built especially for you and the design plans are meant to suit your interests and budget. It is important to mention that no two marquees people require for their weddings are quite the same, so you will benefit from a unique design and style.

You can benefit from an outstanding view

Since you can place the marquee nearly everywhere, it will give you the chance to have the wedding next to a spectacular view, thus leaving all your guests mesmerised. These tents allow people to hold important events in their lives within touching distance of their surroundings. Frame marquees are perfect for those who want to see that outstanding view while they are still inside the tent. This type of marquees comes with clear window walls and even clear roofs, which allow you to enjoy nature while drinking your champagne from inside the tent.

Fewer restrictions

Compared to restaurants, marquee weddings do not impose a specific number of guests, since the tent is going to be built on your specifications. You do not have to worry that you cannot invite all your friends or relatives due to space problems, because a marquee allows you to hold a wedding even with hundreds of guests. What is more, you do not have to worry about the finish time either, because no one will come and tell you that you have to clear the marquee before 2 am for instance, as it might happen in the case of restaurant weddings.

You can select your own caterer

Marquee weddings allow you to select your own caterer, which is definitely a great advantage. You do not have to stick to those classical wedding menus that restaurants provide their customers and you can opt for something more out of the crowd, such as pizza ovens, gourmet fine dining and many other options that event caterers are able to offer you.