5 strange dog habits explained

It is true that dogs are man’s best friend, but it is also true that sometimes these friendly animals can sometimes have some strange behaviors that people usually do not understand. Some of these dog habits are considered quite funny and entertaining by people, as it is the case of tail chasing, licking the owner’s hand and so on, but other habits such as eating grass or poop might get owners worried. If you want to know why do dogs eat grass, or if you want to learn what other such weird behaviors actually mean, you should read the rest of the article.

Tail chasing

As it was previously mentioned, tail chasing is quite an amusing behavior and one of the reasons why dogs do this is because it is a way for them to expend their excess energy. Dogs need to do a lot of physical exercise in order to consume their energy, which is why dog owners are advised to take their dogs out at least once a day. However, in case this behavior is constant, it might be a sign of some anal gland problems, flea allergy dermatitis or obsessive-compulsive disorder. In such cases, it is recommended to go to the vet.

Eating grass or poop

As weird as it might sound, it can happen for some dogs to eat grass or even poop. There are various reasons why they might be doing this and one of them is malnutrition or lack of certain nutrients, although this is not recommended to happen. Owning a dog implies making sure it gets the food designed for its age and the right amount of food as well, but if your dog does not get all the necessary nutrients from the food you are giving it, it will try to find them in grass for instance. It is worth mentioning that another reason for this habit might be boredom, so make sure you always keep it occupied with something.

Head tilting

You have probably seen your dog tilting its head many times, but do you know why it does this? Well, some experts claim that this is a way in which dogs are trying to understand what they hear. Whenever you whistle, make funny noises or speak in high-pitched voice, you might see your dog tilting its head. Another reason why dogs do this might be that they are trying to determine the exact location of a sound.


It is commonly known that wolves howl in order to send messages to their pack members that are far away from them, but why do dogs howl? Well, wolves are the ancestors of dogs, which means that this habit might be passed on from wolves.

Walking in circles before lying down

Whenever you see your dog walking in circles before lying down in its bed you want to tell it that no matter how many times it does this, the level of comfort does not increase a bit. However, experts in the domain claim that this habit is also one passed from ancestors. Specialists believe that wolf-like dogs did this in order to pay down the leaves and create a good nesting spot.