6 old fashion trends that are having a comeback

Fashion is always in the process of changing, especially these days, some trends die and stay in the past, but sometimes it is going in circle and old trends are having an unexpectable comeback. Here are 6 old fashion trends that are having a powerful comeback after a long time:


1.      Pixie cut hairstyles

Modern accelerated times have made the pixie cut hairstyles come back in trends. Because it does not require that much time or too often visits at your hairstylist to look chic, short pixie cuts are a necessary trend for the busy modern woman who cannot spend hours in front of the mirror.

2.      Square toed sandals

        90’s is coming back in trend and so are square-toed sandals. After the trend was lost in the past, square toe shoes were associated with ugliness and round shape was gaining territory in the fashion trends. But it seems that the tables are turning again and we are coming back to old tendencies when it comes to the shoes we choose to wear.

3.      Wide legged jeans

The retro flare jeans are making a strong comeback, so skinny jeans have to step aside and make some room in the fashion trends to wide leg jeans. The only difference between the 90’s trend and today’s is the fact that the shoes you choose to wear with the denim are different. In the past, the flare jeans were assorted with sneakers, but today a pair of high heels is more preferred.

4.      Hair ribbons

Ribbons are great hair accessories and they are trendy again. Hair ribbons are not made just for toddlers anymore as it used to be in the past, celebrities and grown-up women choose to integrate affordable ribbons in their hairstyle for a sense of delicacy and elegance. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose to wear (bun, ponytail, braided or curly hair) a ribbon will always complete your outfit in a very stylish way.

5.      Chockers

In the time of the resurgence of the 90’s trends, chockers are also coming back in the spotlight. Today chockers is a must again if you want to be fashionable. Moreover, it has taken so many shapes and ways to wear it and it is super easy to match it with any outfit that you are wearing.

6.      Mixed print designs

In modern days it can be a bit confusing to keep up with color and design trends, but do not worry because mixed print designs are coming back so the chance to mess it up while choosing your outfit is slowly going down. Very colorful clothes mixed all together is a very fashionable tendency again.

In consequence, if you ever feel confused about what is there to find in the contemporary fashion trends and feel like you cannot keep up with them just take a look in the past and you can always bring back the old trends, wear them in a fresh way and you will be fashionable anyway.