Age Appropriate House Chores for Children

As a parent, it is very important that you involve your children in the house chores. By doing so, they will become responsible adults. It is essential that you are well informed and know exactly when it is best to do that, in order to make sure that you will contribute in a positive way to your child’s life. Here it is the age appropriate house chores for children.

Age 3

At age 3, every child must assist in making his bed, and he must also pick up from the floor all his play stuff, but with your supervision. Furthermore, they should take their dirty laundry to the basket. These are easy things to do, and at age 3, any child can do it with ease. Therefore, parents must make sure that they involve their kids in these house chores.

Age 5

At age 5, any child must be able to make his bed with minimal help from an adult. Setting the table shouldn’t be a problem either. As a parent, you must allow your children in this age, to help you with cooking, or with cleaning. They should also match socks in the laundry, or hang up the towels in the bathroom. In case you have a pet, then you child should be responsible for his food or water. These are easy things to do, but things that will teach your kids to be responsible and organized.

Age 7

At age 7, your kid can definitely clean his bedroom. He can vacuum and remove dust from the furniture, make his bed, and change the sheets as well. Furthermore, the clean laundry can easily be put in the drawers and closets by a child of age 7. Knowing the age appropriate house chores for children will help you make the right decision for your child which will certainly become a responsible adult.

Age 9

Once you child gets to age 9, he can certainly use the dishwasher, the dryer and the washing machine. Dishwashers are not very complicated to use, but a child must understand that it is dangerous to open the door when it is running, or to touch other buttons than the right ones, and so on. Therefore, at age 9, children will understand these things, and they will be able to use a household appliance the correct way, and without being hurt in any way whatsoever. It is the same when it comes to the dryer and the washing machine as well.