Alcohol effects on driving – how a driver training simulator increases awareness


If you are a driver, then you know that on the road you use your feet, hands and eyes to control the vehicle. But the eyes, hands and legs are actually controlled by your brains. If you want to safe drive, then you must have the ability to make quick decisions and be alert in rapidly changing situations. If you drink alcohol, it will have a profound effect on the way you drive your car, and your driving skills will be influenced in a negative way. Your reaction time will be affected, because alcohol slows your reflexes and you will find yourself in the situation of not being able to react in a changing situation on the road. If you have doubts on this subject, you can try an affordable driver training simulator, it will show you what can happen if you drive while being drunk. Drugs, alcohol and driving do not go together, because you will not be able to execute difficult maneuvers behind the wheel.

How alcohol influences your driving experience?

Specialists consider alcohol a depressant, because it affects the functions of the central nervous system. In the majority of cases, young people are not aware of the danger they expose themselves when they drink before driving. Alcohol alters eye movement and slows down the eye muscle function. Because the visual perception is altered, you will experience blurred vision. Also, if you will drive in the night, while being drunk, you will experience impaired color perception and vision. You will not be able to clearly identify the position of your vehicle on the road, and the location of the other cars and road signs. Your ability to make rational decisions will be hindered by alcohol and this may lead to car accidents.

How a simulation helps you understand the effects of alcohol on driving

Many people are unaware of the effects alcohol has on driving, and they consider that their driving skills will not be influenced by a small quantity of alcohol. In this case, a session in a driving simulator will be a revelation for the drivers, because they will understand better the effects alcohol has on driving. Specialists have developed devices that allow people have an experience similar with the one they would have on the road, while under alcohol effects. This program will consist of three parts. The drivers will have 6 minutes of normal driving, after that, they take part to an instruction on alcohol effects on their driving performance. The last part consists of 6 minutes of simulation of alcohol influenced driving. They will understand how they will react when they will drive under influence. During this part, they will see how alcohol affect the visual perception, steering behavior and brake-reaction time.  During the simulation, drivers will be exposed to a wide variety of unexpected scenarios and they will have to take different decisions. At the end of the session, they will receive a print with the effects alcohol has on their driving skills and they will be able to better understand to what risks they expose themselves.