Amazing places to spend New Year’s Eve


Do you wish to spend New Year’s Eve far away from home? Are you tired of the usual boring parties that you always attend to? Then it is time for you to do something about that because New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. Also, the flight tickets are very expensive over the holiday period so it is best to travel by car. Moreover, Edmunds suggests that the 2018 Ford Edge SUV is the perfect car for long road trips because it is roomy and safe. Not to mention that traveling by car will also save you a good amount of money, which is always a welcome thing.

London, England

You can celebrate New Year’s Eve in London by going to either Vauxhall or Lambeth Bridge in order to watch the ten-minute fireworks display. There is also a very popular event named New Year’s Day Parade, which is held on January 1 and has marching bands, clowns, acrobats, cheerleaders and costumed dancers.

Paris, France

If you only want to spend New Year’s Eve with your other half, then Paris is the right destination for you two. It cannot get much more romantic than taking a boat cruise along the Seine or watching the fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is well-known for its annual event named Hogmanay, which lasts for four days and includes a parade, concerts, and a street party held on Edinburgh’s main shopping street – Princes Street. On January 1, you can attend activities such as the Loony Dook Parade or diving into the cold waters of the River Forth.

Berlin, Germany

On Silvester, which is New Year’s Eve in Germany, you can attend the annual pancake race named Berliner Silvesterlauf and later in the day you can go to the biggest party in Berlin. Which takes place at Brandenburg Gate. Also, if you want to watch the fireworks, then Teufelsberg and Viktoriapark can have a nice view of the whole spectacle.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you are more into chilled New Year’s Eve parties, then Reykjavik is the way to go. They celebrate the end of the year by lighting bonfires, which symbolize the burning away of troubles, in order to have a fresh start of the year. They also dance, play music and light up fireworks.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is famous for its fireworks display and for being the first city in the world where the clock strikes midnight. Thousands of people attend the waterfront show, which also includes the Aboriginal smoking ceremony – one of the most significant ancient ceremonies that are said to cleanse bad spirits.