Are Cooling Fans Safe for a Baby?

Babies are fragile and hard to take care of, needing different treatment than us, therefore you must pay careful attention to the environment in which you raise the small one in. For example, a hot and humid environment can be very damaging for the baby’s health, therefore you should find a way to keep the small one’s room properly cooled.
If you are considering using a cooling fan for the baby’s room, but you have doubts whether it’s safe for the small one or not, read the following lines to find out if cooling fans are safe for babies and how to properly use them.

Tips for using cooling fans safely for the baby

A cooling fan is safe to use in a nursery or around a baby, but only if you use it as we will advise you in the following lines. Also, seeing how much they have evolved, it’s better to go with tower fans, because it’s easier to set a desired temperature with them and they come with more options and features than other types of cooling fans.
What you have to do to make sure that you’re using the cooling device safely is to maintain with the cooling fan the ideal temperature of between 23 degrees Celcius and 27 degrees Celsius, place the cooling fan in a position for the airflow to not directly hit the baby, regularly check the baby’s temperature in his feet and arms to make sure that the cooling fan isn’t making the baby feel cold, try to maintain a temperature similar to the one outside if you intend to take the baby out that day, dress the small one in light full clothes, and do periodical maintenance checks on the cooling fan to make sure that it’s working properly and it isn’t harming the small one in any way.

Best tower fan to use in the nursery

One of the best tower fans to go with for a baby’s room is the Dyson AM09. It costs only $450 and due to the innovative bladeless design that Dyson uses when manufacturing their tower fans, you don’t have to worry that the child could harm himself if he approaches it.
The best part with this tower fan is that you can use it not only in the summer to provide the baby with a cool environment to sleep in, but you can safely use it during the cold months of the year as well due to the fact that it has the option of releasing hot air.
It can oscillate to direct the airflow evenly around the room, it’s easy to clean, it’s one of the quietest models on the market, therefore it won’t wake the small one up while it’s operating, and it uses the innovative Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted flow.