Become a 5-a-side legend – advice from the experts

Playing 5-a-side football brings a series of great benefits, such as keeping you fit and healthy, teaching you how to work within a team and developing your mind by thinking about the best tactics and strategies to win the game. In the past years, numerous teenagers have decided to practice this type of sport and many of them have enrolled in some of the best 5 a side football leagues London. However, in order to become a legend of this sport, you have to keep in mind certain important aspects.

Learn to both attack AND defend

It is important to remember that since there are fewer players in this sport compared to regular football, the players should be able to both attack and defend their team in order to win the game. In 5-a-side football, players need to stay focused during the entire game, since if they get distracted even for two seconds, it is possible for the other team to score a goal, which can make the difference between winning and losing the game. Players have to be able to attack and score the winning goal and defend as well when the opposite team is trying to score.

The goalkeeper has an important role

In the 5-a-side world, it is generally agreed that the role of the goalkeeper is crucial, which means that it is highly important for a team to have a well-trained goalkeeper.  A good one represents nearly half of the success of the entire team, so it is recommended to be chosen carefully.

Keeping fit and healthy helps a lot

As it was previously mentioned, you are always in the action when it comes to 5-a-side football, which means that it is advisable to have very good fitness levels in order to be able to resist the entire game. Make sure you do a lot of physical exercise outside the football field as well, because this way you will stay healthy, fit and ready for running for an hour continuously and giving your best during the game.

Sole-skills are extremely important as well

It is commonly known that in regular football, players often play the game on uneven or muddy surfaces, which makes the contact with the ball quite unreliable and difficult. However, this does not count for 5-a-side football, since this sport is usually played on smooth sports hall floors or on lush 3G surfaces, thus making the players have more confidence in the sole of their foot.