Best man responsibilities and duties – Know this before the big day

You may have a fiend of two preparing for their weddings, and chances are, one of them most certainly asked you to be their best man. And how could you refuse?! They are almost like family to you. Well, in case this happened, accept and move on with your preparations for the big day. You can never start too early, given the fact that as a best man, you have some duties and responsibilities. One of the most important is delivering the reception speech, and you should definitely start your preparation on time. Below we have some things you must manage as a best man.

Prepare the reception speech

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Plan the bachelor party

Maybe one of the most entertaining parts of being a best man is the bachelor party. Yes, the responsibility of planning it falls into your hand and you must make sure that you satisfy all the requests you friend might have. As this seems to be a rite of passage, make sure to make everything possible for your best friend to indulge in things that they like. Food, drinks, and entertainment. Don’t go overboard, still. You want to keep it chill and calm, so your best friend still has the necessary energy to attend their special day.

Hold on to the groom’s ring – and make sure not to lose it

Yes, maybe one of the most stressful moments of your experience as a best man will most probably be your duty of holding on to the groom’s ring. This, because, well, the anxiousness of losing it might be a bit too much. However, if your tux has an interior pocket, make sure to place it there and seal the pocket. This way, you will be sure that no unpleasant (and costly) accidents emerge.

These are some of the most important things you will have to manage as a best man at your friend’s wedding. Make sure to save some time by having your speech prepared by a professional, and make sure not to lose those rings!