Birthday coming soon? Plan a Safari theme party


Are you wondering what type of party you should plan this year for your birthday? Well, you should get out of your comfort zone and organize a party that requires some work, but that will definitely impress everyone. A party is a great occasion to spend time with your loved ones, and to gather all your friends and family members together. If you want to impress everyone, then for your next party you should choose a Safari party theme. It does not matter if you want to plan the party for you, or for one of your friends, this theme is great for both men and women. You will find inspiration online, but you should be careful because many of the safari inspired decorations are unrepresentative for the natural African continent.

What colour scheme should I use?

If you want to achieve a stylish venue then you can opt for colour palettes. You can obtain a great look if you hang fabric garlands and streams. Decide upon a few colours as orange and green, and scallop fabrics in these shades along the tables, ceiling and sitting area.  Make sure that you buy cups, paper plates and napkins that match your colour scheme. If you want to portray wild Africa then you should make sure that you use the colours of the natural flora. Bright up the space with shades of burnt orange and dark green. If you do not want to use bold colours, then you can opt for a monotone colour scheme.

Make sure you listen to African music

If you want to have a great safari party then you should make a playlist that includes only African songs. You might ask yourself where you will find Africa songs, but if you check online you will find that there are multiple directories as that offer collections of different genres of music. African songs are based on drum vibes and they have benefits for your mind, body and soul. If you will play these songs at your party all your guests will nurture a sense of happiness. African drumming awakens the joy of music in people and it offers you the physical sensation that the vibrations pulse through your body. Make sure that you use a machine that plays the music accurately, because in African songs there are microscopic shifts in timing.

Do not forget about games and activities

An important part of a Safari party are the activities and games. They bring a funny part to the party so you should make sure that you do some research on how to organise them. You can choose from activities like “hanging bridges”, “into the waterhole”, “vines for swinging” or “kiddy pools”.

Cake is a must

It is a birthday party so you will have to order a cake, and what better option you would have than making one in the shape of an animal. You can use jungle themed prints to decorate the table where you place the cake, as giraffe spots or zebra stripes. If you want to make the decorations look more appealing, you should use confetti in form of wild animals.