Boarding A Puppy for The First Time? 4 Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy While You’re Away

So, you’re planning a long trip and are concerned over boarding your dog for the first time. After all, this is your pet, and you want to feel safe when you leave them behind.

Boarding isn’t for everyone, but in this case, you may have no other option. You’ve done your research and found a dog kennel that meets your demands as well as your dog’s, so you are already on the right track.

Worry not, as many of these kennels go out of their way to make the puppies feel at home there, even providing special services such as hundefrisør. Here are a few tips to make things go more smoothly and avoid having a nervous breakdown when leaving your dog behind.


Make sure your dog is prepared for this

Before you board your dog, make sure they are properly vaccinated and wormed. Some kennels won’t even accept your dog if they are not vaccinated, wormed, and also microchipped.

Most pups should have received all of their vaccines to protect them from parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and distemper. Kennels will not take your puppy into their care until one to two weeks after the final vaccines have been completed. A kennel cough vaccine is also a good idea. No needles are required; it’s a quick and painless spray up their nose.

Also, make sure the dog’s worming and flea treatments are up to date, since it is respectful to the other dogs in the hundepensjonat.


Socialize your dog as much as possible

Your puppy will interact with dogs of different shapes, sizes, and personality types at the kennel, and they will need to learn to live together for at least a few days. If you haven’t yet socialized your pup, you should do it as quickly as possible.

Many veterinarians provide puppy socialization lessons. If you can’t locate any courses near you, get outside and go for a stroll, where you’ll meet other dogs and humans.


Spend a bit more time together before boarding

This suggestion for preparing your dog for boarding kennels is perhaps more about coping with your own guilt than it is about preparing your dog for doggy daycare. Spending extra time with your dog before leaving, maybe even satisfying his every need, might go a long way toward helping you feel less bad.

Of course, having quality interaction with you before the possible stress of being in boarding kennels for the first time can benefit your puppy. After all, they see us close to how they perceive their parents, and no kid want to be left alone for days and not even be treated a bit special before.


Drop them off in the morning

If possible, drop off your puppy at the kennels first thing in the morning. This will give them the entire day to adjust to their new environment, including noises, scents, and unfamiliar people or puppies.

If you drop your pup off on the way to catch a night flight, the dog will probably not be able to sleep and their anxiety levels will be through the roof.