Caring for undervalued parts of your home


When it comes to cleaning your house, you already know what needs to be done, because it is part of the routine. But what are you going to do with the little details that you never pay attention to? There are some sides of your house that you are probably completely neglecting at the moment, sides that could be extremely troubling later on, when you’ll actually need to fix them and care for them. This article is here to expose what the most undervalued parts of your home are, and how often you should deal with maintaining them clean. See the list below:

Children’s toys

Each and every two months, you have to pay special attention to children’s toys. Before starting to clean them up and disinfect these items, you should consider storage units, for the ones that your kids no longer use, but you can’t simply throw them away, since they cost a lot of money. Using storage units to store away what you no longer need until you eventually decide what you do with these items is a great, affordable way, and this will also help you with cleaning your house thoroughly.

A/C unit & Dryer vent

Some items that you need to clean at least quarterly and you probably never done it until now are the A/C unit and the dyer vent. These represent the cause of many house accidents and they are a magnet for bacteria. In the case of a damaged dryer vent, your house can actually be set on fire. How? Inside the dryer vent – if not cleaned up often – you can observe a lint buildup that is the cause of ignition. Using a dryer brush kit to remove this buildup can save you from such an inconvenient situation. Secondly, an A/C unit that was not cleansed recently can be the perfect medium for bacteria to develop. Plus, if not maintained correctly, the A/C unit can generate additional costs when it comes to the heating bill and the energy efficiency in your home. Use a high-pressure hose to clean up any growth found on the blades, exterior and coils of a A/C unit.

Washing machine

Thinking about the fact that a washing machine doesn’t need to be washed? Well, here is where you are wrong. The inside of a washing machine can get stained and – in time – it is going to develop buildup which can later affect the functioning of the device. Running the machine with a full tub of very hot water and some bleach or other products that are designed for destroying buildup is essential every now and then. Cleaning the detergent compartments by hand should also be included in your cleaning routine. You should not forget about these details when you want your house to be as clean as possible during certain seasons. Plus, when dealing with cleaning these parts of your house, you are lowering the risk of getting sick or having your home damaged.