Carte Vitale France 101 – what is to know about it?

All France residents must have a Carte Vitale if they want to take advantage of the benefits the French healthcare system and health insurance provides them with. It is an automated social security card that contains details such as medical insurance information, social security number and contact details on the next of kin. If you are interested in learning more about the demarche carte vitale Seine Saint Denis and about Carte Vitale, it is essential you read the article below.


Who is entitled to get it?

It is important to mention that all French citizens above the age of 16 are entitled to request Carte Vitale. Also, all foreigners who benefit from a French social security number can obtain a Carte Vitale. France gives due importance to healthcare, which is why they offer everyone the possibility to benefit from professional healthcare services, whether they were born in this country or have recently moved to it.

How to get the card

Well, one of the most important criteria in order to obtain Carte Vitale is to be in France legally, whether you are as an EU citizen or on a residency visa. In case you are employed or registered in the school system, you will receive a French social security number, as well as the Carte Vitale and the employer or the school are responsible for offering you proper help to obtain these two. For instance, in case you come to this country via an employment contract, the employer is the one who has to apply for your social security number within the following week after employing you. However, there are situations when you have to take the matter into your own hands, as the one responsible for this does not do his or her job accordingly. In such cases, you have to pay a visit to the nearest Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie and explain them the situation. You will immediately receive professional guidance and you will be told exactly what documents you need to offer them and what steps to follow through the entire process.

How it works

The moment you go to the doctor, you are asked to pay up front. Then, you will hand in the card to the receptionist at your doctor’s office in order for the card to be swiped and have your money reimbursed in one of your bank accounts. Usually, it takes nearly 72 hours until you receive your reimbursement, which is at nearly 70% of the cost of a visit to general practitioners.

Do not forget to update your card

Keep in mind that the Carte Vitale has no expiration date, yet it still needs to be updated every once in a while when certain personal details change, such as you get married or you change your status from being a student to being employed. This can be easily done online, on the French health insurance website. Normally, it takes up to ten days to process the request and have the details changed.