Choose chiropractic treatment if you experience whiplash

Every case of whiplash is different, so there is quite difficult to find a universal treatment for it. If you experience this condition, then it is advisable to consult a therapist, and they will decide what treatment will be effective. According to the primary dysfunctions, the chiropractor finds during the chiropractic exam, they will recommend you one or multiple treatments. The majority of chiropractors employ different treatments for this condition, as exercises, manipulation, muscle stimulation and relaxation, lifestyle and ergonomic changes. If you do not know which one of them is recommended for your state, you should make an appointment to, because they have experience with treating whiplash and they can help you.

Chiropractic manipulation

The majority of therapists recommend spinal manipulation as a treatment for whiplash. This means that the chiropractor will gently move your involved joint into the direction it is restricted. This treatment is also known as chiropractic adjustment, and it involves the application of a slow mobilization movement or short thrust in that direction.

Muscle stimulation or relaxation

If you opt for muscle relaxation or stimulation, the chiropractor will gentle stretch the muscles that experience repeated contractions or excessive tension. In case the chiropractor considers that, the muscle is very tight, they may apply a more vigorous stretch. The pain associated with tight muscles is relieved with an application of gentle finger pressure techniques, on the trigger points.

Advice on lifestyle and ergonomic changes

When designing a treatment for helping you improve your condition, the therapist may also offer you advice on how you can improve your lifestyle, and perform the daily activities without stressing your body. The chiropractic will offer you advice on how to do certain recreational and home activities that can worsen the dysfunctions if they are not done properly. Depending on the clinic, the therapist may teach you how to improve your lifestyle and use stress reduction methods to improve your state.

What can cause you whiplash pain?

A combination of factors contribute to whiplash pain in the back and neck, and you should get in touch with a chiropractor to see how you can improve your state. The therapist will maintain a holistic view of your pain, and will focus on disc derangement, muscle dysfunction, joint dysfunction and muscle dysfunction.

  • You can experience pain if you suffer from joint dysfunction. It occurs when one of the limbs or joints in the spine loses its normal joint play. The therapist will detect it through a motion palpation. When your joints develop dysfunction, you will feel pain even when moving.
  • Joint dysfunction affects the muscles, and they respond by becoming overactive and tense. But sometimes they can become underactive and inhibited. In both of the cases, you will need whiplash treatment that should involve muscle stimulation and relaxation.

Whiplash treatment in chiropractic care

The chiropractor will develop a plan according to your specific needs, and it may include different approaches. In addition to the treatment suggested by the therapist, they may also give you referral to another doctor or specialist, who can help you improve your state.