Choosing the right ribbon for your craft projects

Children who are exposed to a large variety of craft activities are more likely to create unique inventions and come up with good ideas. According to research, children that have been exposed to arts for a long period of time are capable of thinking outside the box since a lot of the work that is involved supposes solving problems creatively. But is this the only reason why you should make crafts available and accessible to your kid? In fact, it is not. Engaging in crafts will allow you not only to explore new ideas, but also to enjoy visual pleasure. The main craft supply that you will need is the ribbon, the most versatile decorative material. Similar to most craft supplies, these thin bands of material come in different types and you should not look for just any fabric ribbon wholesale.


The most popular type of ribbon product is grosgrain. This type of fabric has a little bit of texture owing to the ribbed details. The reason why grosgrain is the go-to fabric is that it is incredibly versatile. The elasticity of the material makes it ideal for trimming and edging, not to mention that you can use it for various projects. For instance, you can add textured embellishments to regular items, such as pillows, hair accessories, lampshades, jewellery and the list goes on. Equally important is that grosgrain is made available in a wide variety of colours and it will cost you next to nothing. All of these characteristics make grosgrain a must-have for any crafter.


Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to print anything that you can think about, like words, patterns and images on the surface of the ribbon. Although printed ribbons are very much similar to jacquard, they only have one patterned side. You have the opportunity to print designs that evoke images of celebrations, festivals and holidays. Printed material is actually less expensive compared to other options and there are many manufacturers that personalize ribbons.


Satin is the type of ribbon that stands out owing to its shine. Satin is made available in a variety of width and you are able to find both textured and smooth cloth. However, you should pay attention to the fact that “satin” is not really satin. More precisely, satin is polyester, a synthetic fabric that is very resilient and resistant to damage. Satin is undoubtedly the most fluid of all ribbons and it is fairly cheap. You can use sating for gift wrapping or for embellishing the décor of your home. The material is so flexible that you can consider engaging in DIY projects like wedding favours and hair accessories.