Competitive indoor games: surprising benefits associated with playing darts


Even though most people associate the game of darts with a smoky pub, the reality is that it manages to bring old and young together, mostly because of the high level of entertainment created with a few tools and simple rules that even a 10-year old can understand. In fact, you can purchase and mount a dart board onto a hollow door and play the game by yourself if you feel the need to relax after a busy and tiring day at work. You can guess the scoring system just by looking at the board, which has distinct sections – 20 segments numbered randomly including a small black circle right in the middle known as the “bullseye”. Of course, for a winner to exist, each segment has a certain number of points so an experienced person knows exactly where to hit in order to gather the most points in the least amount of time. It might sound surprising for some, but darts represents a professional competitive sport that comes with many benefits.

Playing darts works the brain and improves concentration

Those people who enjoy playing darts enjoy increased concentration ability, self-awareness, team building skills, competitive abilities and improved stress management, strategic thinking, self-control, relaxation, general math abilities and objective critical self-analysis. With so many stress triggers in today’s society, setting aside some valuable time and forgetting about everyday problems by engaging in a fun yet competitive game of darts is very beneficial for the mind, literally. It may sound exaggerated, but this traditional pastime really works the brain by forcing it to determine the exact number you must hit in order to make a score and win. It resembles with a math class, but in a more laidback and less controlled environment. This leads us to the next benefit, which refers to enhanced concentration. Apart from working out your score, you also have to concentrate on the specific area on the board that you need to hit in order to win. Under no circumstances, you should let any distraction ruin your chances of becoming a winner.

The competitive game of darts comes with physical benefits as well

These are not the only mental benefits of Dart Board Backboard. Next to working the brain and improving concentration, we can easily add encouraging strategic thinking because the game of darts involves tactical play and accurate throwing. With so many things in mind, you will definitely forget about all worries and troubles that you currently experience. This undoubtedly represents an efficient and cheap stress reliever. Moving on to the physical benefits of darts, we have to start with the most obvious one, namely the hand-eye coordination that you can only acquire in time; professional players know it. It may not be a demanding sport like skiing or swimming, but playing darts demands standing up and throwing as well as walking back and forth to retrieve all the darts. Even though it is not a calories burner, it is much better than just standing on the couch and watching TV.