Custom Adhesive Products: The Drawback of Indirect Dealings


Generally speaking, bespoke adhesives only tend to be ordered for purposes and projects of importance. From custom 3M preferred tape converters to providers specialising in medical adhesive products and all else besides, such businesses are trusted to deliver the goods when only perfect results will do. As for anyone on the business side of the deal, expectations should of course be suitably high. You need the very best quality products, flawless customer service and in an ideal situation the lowest possible prices. Which is why it is of great importance to make sure that you order direct, rather than do business with resellers and middlemen.

Theoretically, it is perfectly possible to obtain high quality products quite easily from businesses working as third-party resellers. Nonetheless, there are several unique benefits that will come with dealing direct, which will not be provided when it comes to doing business with resellers. That is not to say that the final outcome will never be favourable; it simply means that the outcome might not be as positive and satisfying as it could have been.

So with this in mind, here is a short overview of the five biggest drawbacks that come when not dealing direct, in terms of ordering bespoke adhesives:

1 – Sketchy Advice

First up, it is quite unlikely that a middleman or a reseller you choose to work with will have the kind of knowledge you would expect from a manufacturer with plenty of experience. The simple fact of the matter is that such businesses specialise in reselling products made by others and hence they simply cannot be expected to be as knowledgeable about the products as the ones actually making them. Which in turn simply means that in terms of things like consultations, professional advice on the latest products and helpful guidance regarding purchase choice, you might not be offered the best possible advice and help from a middleman. By contrast, do business with those who know their services and products best and you’re guaranteed superior service.

2 – Limited Adhesives Range

When it comes to the actual range of products, it can be that the middleman in question has for some reason decided to limit the range of products they offer to a few select ones. In general, it’s rare to find a reseller that’s able to provide the whole range of bespoke adhesive products you could otherwise access if you were doing business directly with the manufacturer. The simple fact of the matter is the more limited the range of products you can choose from, the less likely it becomes that you will order the very best product for your needs. You might get an adhesive that will get the job done, but you most likely won’t get an adhesive that fits the bill flawlessly.

3 – Slower Service

If you need to get hold of your chosen adhesives sooner rather than later, it’s always preferable to deal direct. If you think about it, when you involve a middleman or a reseller in the purchase process, you do little other than make the whole purchase process unnecessarily complicated and long. Rather than ordering directly with the manufacturer, you instead simply relay the process via an extra business. Which in turn simply means that in terms of placing an order, having your queries answered, dealing with product issues and so on, you are guaranteed a slower and more complicated process than what is necessary. In all respects, dealing direct will always be simpler and faster.

4 – Consistency Issues

Another thing to consider is the way in which resellers and middlemen usually have to deal with a great number of different manufacturers from across the country and beyond. This in turn simply means that even if you make a repeat order for an identical adhesive you have ordered before, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be provided the exact same product every time. Instead, it could be sourced from a different producer, in accordance with who is in a position to offer the best deal at the time. At the other end of the spectrum, doing business with a reputable produced directly means absolute consistency when it comes to quality, time after time.

5 – Higher Prices

Last up, considering the fact that most resellers and middlemen are not really in the habit of working free of charge, you need to expect that you’ll pay higher prices if you decide to involve them. Even if the price paid is only slightly higher than the price when you deal directly with the producer, it’s still money that could have been saved. And on top of that, it’s money that could have been saved while also benefiting from a better service package at the same time.