Dermal fillers – the answers to your questions


Even if we deny it, appearance matters significantly because it fuels our self-esteem and confidence. Obviously, the passage of years represents the main enemy because it causes unpleasant and visible signs including wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin. Professionals know that many of these inconveniences appear as a negative result of volume loss and they recommend a minimally invasive solution that does not require permanent commitment, namely dermal fillers. From the very first treatment, you can notice a major enhancement that can last approximately a year. This facial rejuvenation method is quite popular among both men and women so consequently, many questions arise concerning this topic. However, nobody can deny the benefits of choosing dermal filler treatments Birmingham. They not only smooth out wrinkles but also restore volume in needed areas of the face, diminish lip lines enhancing them and improve symmetry.

Is the procedure painful?

Dermal fillers contain injectable substances, made from synthetic or natural materials, which are safe for medical and cosmetic use. A professional injects these substances in those specific areas that present inconveniences with the goal to make them disappear by giving volume to your face. The procedure is not time-consuming, painful or complicated so you should not worry from this point of view. Nevertheless, discussing with your doctor will help you acquire more information regarding the entire process and rest assured that everything goes smoothly.

What results should I expect?

Since you will inquire about the results of undergoing a dermal fillers treatment, you should set realistic expectations to prevent disappointment. Yes, dermal fillers provide noticeable and satisfying results, but if you need a more invasive method, such as a surgical procedure then you might reconsider your choices in terms of facial interventions. As we mentioned above, the results are not permanent so you have to revisit the clinic at least once a year for a touch-up. This is perfect for those people who are not ready to commit.

How do I choose the right clinic?

When opting for a certain Birmingham cosmetic treatment clinic, make sure that you analyze the interiors carefully when first visiting the building to have the certainty that you benefit from a clean and safe environment. Furthermore, you should also question the professionalism of the staff and the training of your doctor before actually starting the treatment. This represents a crucial aspect that you simply cannot neglect because after all, you will make a considerable financial and emotional investment so you need to receive high-quality results.

Do I need a consultation before the treatment?

Before even starting the treatment, your doctor will perform a thorough consultation that consists in examining your facial features closely in order to determine exactly the type of filler you need and the specific areas that cause you the most discomfort and require treatment. Even though this procedure does not come along with risks, you still have to disclose your medical history during the consultation including allergies or medications that could interfere with the quality of the results and more importantly, your safety.