DIY floral arrangements with ribbon accents

A few bright blooms in your living room can give your interior design a colourful and stylish vibe. Floral arrangements can add natural beauty to any area of your house, and if you follow some simple instructions, you can put together the most beautiful bouquets. If you want to create contemporary floral centrepieces for your living room, then you should add a few ribbon accents as well, for more spectacular results. With a simple search online, you can find a wide variety of florist ribbons you can use to achieve the most sophisticated home decor floral arrangements. Here are a few arrangements that anybody can do:

Pink colour scheme

Buy some flowers in every shade of pink you can find at your local flower shop. Take a vase and place the large flowers near in the centre. Put some lilac steams close to the top and insert a few leafs here and there, to create a beautiful contrast. Tie some pieces of green ribbon around the white vase, and your work is done. Simple, yet incredibly beautiful.

Table centrepiece

This floral arrangement is ideal to display at a fancy dinner party. Purchase some fresh flowers, including large and small roses, pansies and some sweet peas. You will need a silver bowl for this arrangement. Start creating the centrepiece from outside, placing carefully flower by flower. Place the large roses around the base and the small ones together with the pansies towards the centre. Add a few sweet peas in the middle and perhaps a few white strawberries around the edges. Cut some fine straps of ribbon, and place them randomly around the flowers and wrap around the silver bows a larger piece of the same ribbon.

Peonies and greenery

Tie together a bundle of large peonies in a light pink shade using a strap of green ribbon. Place them in a clear vase, and start adding some greenery all around them, until the arrangements seems an explosion of colour. Cut five straps of pink ribbon, preferably in the same shade as the peonies and tie them around the vase, leaving a few inches in between and voilà, your arrangement is done.

These are only a few ideas you can use for your home décor floral centrepiece, but you can come up with other great ideas as well. Look online for more inspiration or just use your creativity. Do not forget to buy some top quality ribbons to enhance the beauty of your arrangements. Search online for a ribbon supplier, and buy the ones you like best.