Do you really want to give up on your marriage?


In the beginning, your marriage was vibrant and exciting. Over time, things changed because you started creating a monotonous routine occasionally littered with troubling times. Stressing factors like financial issues, parenting responsibilities and interfering relatives did not help. In fact, they contributed to a drastic decision that you have been thinking about for quite some time, namely filling for divorce. Before throwing the towel, you should not only consider the past and the present, nut also the future. Remember that you are not in this alone, which means that both you and your spouse must answer the following question: what can we do to save our marriage? Generally, couples do not communicate, which leads to one of them growing tired of waiting for something to happen and bringing up the possibility of getting a divorce without even analyzing the process, which consists in hiring a family law attorney, notifying the spouse, temporary hearing, agreement and trial. Divorcing with children is even more complicated and time-consuming, not to mention that you have to consider what impact this decision might have on them.

Common divorce dilemmas couples face

Couples heading to divorce face various dilemmas. They either want the divorce, but they are not sure if it represents the wisest decision. One of them wants the divorce, but the other partner does not accept the idea and finally, they have given up on their love for each other. They buried it deep and they no longer have the strength to dig in order to retrieve it. Regardless of the situation, you have to be aware that a divorce will change your life forever. Furthermore, you need to be certain that you want to befriend loneliness. Legally, financially and emotionally, you no longer depend on your partner. In order to determine if you are ready for divorce, you should start by assessing your feelings for your spouse and ask your spouse to do the same thing. Maybe the love is strong and the only reason you alienated from one another unconsciously is because you let mistakes and bad decisions made over time meddle between you two, but everyone makes mistakes or bad decisions and the only problem when you are in a marriage is that it affects all the members, not just you personally.  

Using divorce as a threat or wake-up call

Furthermore, you should determine if you simply used divorce as a threat during a heated argument or you really feel ready to embrace this change. Acting out of anger never leads to positive results meaning that if you were not able to control your frustration so you wanted to gain control over your spouse, you should not expect peace of mind or a clear conscious. On the other hand, you might consider this threat a wake-up call so that your partner realizes that your marriage no longer has a stable foundation. You want a major change and this is how you express it, but in fact, you do not want to separate from your partner definitely.