Five myths of laser hair removal debunked

Many persons who use razor blades or epilators claim that they are not pleased at all, regarding how these depilatory techniques work, because the hair grows back after only one day in the first case and a few days in the case of epilator. However, technology has come in their help in this situation, because nowadays people can opt for laser hair removal to get rid of all the unwanted hair on their body. All they have to do is search for professional beauty experts Brisbane that can provide this type of services. Most people fear resorting to this method due to various misconceptions. Below are five of the most common myths about laser hair removal debunked.

It’s laser, so it is painful!

This is the first thing that pops up into people’s minds when they hear about this method for the first time. Truth is undergoing laser hair removal treatment is no more painful that using the epilator or waxing for instance, where especially in the latter case the pain is even more intense compared to other depilatory methods. People might feel a mild discomfort in the area that is being treated, but nothing more. However, this might vary depending on each person, but in case you find this treatment uncomfortable, you can ask for an anaesthetic.

One session is enough

People who believe one session will rid them of all unwanted hair cannot be any more wrong than this. It requires between five to seven sessions to remove all the hairs from the treated area. This happens because not all hairs grow at the same time and equally, so you have to come back to the clinic every two weeks or so in order to undergo another laser hair removal session and to benefit from the best results.

You will have more hair after one session

Since the laser targets the hairs roots, this cannot make more hair to grow. If this myth were true, this means that all bald people would have the chance to have hair again. However, even though the laser destroys hair follicles, this procedure cannot prevent new hairs from growing. You have to go at least five times to the clinic and undergo this treatment in order to remove all hairs from that specific area, so people who say that only one session is enough in this case are clearly wrong.

It is not efficient on ingrown hair

Compared to other depilatory methods, laser hair removal does not cause ingrown hair at all. In fact, it is the exactly opposite. It targets the hair follicle and it destroys the ingrown, thus reducing the chances for you to get other ingrown hairs.

It lasts forever

Even though this method is the best depilatory one, there are some chances for hairs to grow in the treated area. This happens in case the treatment was not done correctly over the area, if you did not go to enough sessions or if some hairs in that area were in a resting phase for example. The laser reduces hair growth to the point of barely being noticeable.