Fun and creative ways to surprise your kids


Every parent wants to look cool in front of his child, that is for sure. However, some are just trying too hard and they end up failing terribly. Yes, you can goof around and embarrass yourself but at the right moments. Read this article in order to discover some creative ideas and big announcements that will bring joy into your kids’ life. Be spontaneous, use your imagination and surprise them. This will make your everyday routine more interesting and will create a positive atmosphere around the house.

Small things for everyday life

Throw a party for absolutely no reason. Make a plan and secretly organize every detail. Take advantage of the hours your kids spend at school in order to make your move. Include interesting things and activities like fun games and personalized cookies. Think big and consider hiring a candyfloss machine from Mr Candy Floss because this will definitely make them turn handsprings. A party is just for one day but you can bring joy into your kids’ life anytime by challenging your imagination. For instance, you can just leave a bunch of colorful balloons in their room and write on them “Pop me” or you can create an avalanche of balloons that will make them leap for joy. Regardless of their age, all kids are going to be surprised if you leave them sweets under the pillow. However, you must be careful because they might see you and uncover your secret. Of course, it will not be a tragedy because they will still get their sweets but it will not be a surprise anymore. If cooking is your hobby, then you can easily bake some delicious cakes in different shapes, like hearts or X’s and O’s. They will surely savor them when returning from school. During summer, you can challenge your fun side by telling them to wear swimsuits and turning on the sprinklers.

Big announcements

Like the idea of planning a surprise party, you can plan a surprise trip. You do not have to go over your head. You can just organize something for the weekend. Tell your kids to pack their bags and only take necessary things for two days. Do not disclose the destination because you want to keep it a secret until you all get there. They might attempt to convince you but you have to stay strong. Gather the whole family and make a big announcement: you are going to move. If your kids currently share the same room, they are going to be utterly excited for the news. Obviously, all the adults in the family have been involved in making such a decision but for your kids it definitely represents a big and pleasant surprise. Every kid wants a pet that could keep him company and play with. If your kids have asked for a dog in the past but you did not make their wish come true, now is the time to compensate. This announcement will fill their little heart with joy.