How can you use personalised love hearts after your wedding?

Wedding time is probably the most beautiful event in your life. But, sometimes, if you do not have a good management of your budget, you can end up wasting money, by buying larger quantities than you may need. This happens especially in the case of personalised love hearts. However, if you do not have any clue how you can use them, you should try the following tips.


Personalised love hearts for…another party


These small accessories indicate the fact that you should throw another party. Talk to your partner and maybe he or she will want to celebrate the one year anniversary of marriage. If you decide to do so, try to resume to an intimate party, only with some friends. You can include the love hearts in your candy bar and make it look more sophisticated.

Try to be nice person

There are some guests who did not manage to come to your wedding. Maybe they had to work or maybe they had to leave city for some important reasons. You should try to make them feel special too. Therefore, try to send them some personalised love hearts and ask them for a catch-up as soon as possible.

Look on the bright side!


If you have order too many love hearts for your wedding, there is also an advantage. You will not have to buy sweets a long period of time. You can enjoy them with your tea or coffee, early in the morning. On the other hand, if you try to get rid of some kilos, try to avoid them because they usually contain a lot of sugar.

Other useful tips for you, when you choose your personalised love hearts:


  • In case you intend you use them for another event, try to avoid printing the date of your wedding on the wrappers. Otherwise, you will have to change the label and you probably do not have time to take care of this thing.
  • Choose some gluten free favoured love hearts as to be suitable for all of your guests.
  • Make sure that the favoured love hearts are a good option for vegans are vegetarians too, because there are many persons who may refuse to take them if they are not.
  • Pay attention to the shelf life of your products. There are companies that claim that their goods have a shelf life of about twelve months from purchase. They should also be kept in good conditions such as a dry place, away from the sunlight.