How mould affects your family

Many people choose to ignore mould, because they are not aware of the health side effects this fungus has. Also, there are situations when mould is hidden inside your walls, and this is the moment when you and your family will experience health issues, without knowing what the cause is. These are cases when the mould grows hidden and you cannot remove it because you are not aware of its existence. However, you should not wait for you and your family to get sick, before contracting a company for an indoor mould test. In case you are not convinced that you should collaborate with a company to see if there is mould present inside your house, take a look at the health side effects this fungus has.

Mould allergies

The most common health problem caused by mould is allergy. You might not even be aware that you experience a mould allergy, because its symptoms are similar to the ones of flu. The signs of this type of allergy are watery eyes, runny nose, rash, wheezing, coughing, redness of the eyes and itchy eyes. In case you have one or more of these symptoms for a longer period, you should address to a doctor, because you definitely do not have a simple flue.

Asthma attacks

In case you have asthma, you will experience frequent asthma attacks, if there is mould present inside your house. You do not have to be allergic to it, because it affects you either way. Different types of mould produce toxins, which can cause skin irritations, and depending on your health condition, you can even experience severe reactions. They might include difficulty breathing or fever, and in some cases even serious infections of the lungs.

Toxic mould syndrome

When you hear the name of such a condition, you think that you will not have to deal with it, because your house is safe, and there is not mould at sight. But, you should know that this health issue is caused by black mould which is regularly hidden inside the surfaces of your home. This syndrome has as symptoms weakness, fatigue, headaches, confusion, cramping, blurred vision, tearing, red and burning eyes, and unusual shortness of breath. There are many situations when doctors misdiagnose this condition, and it takes long time until they determine that it might be caused by mould. Therefore, you should contact a company for doing a periodically check, and protect you and your family from any mould related health issues.