How to Encourage Your Kid to Read More

With so many models of smart phones and tablets that grab the attention of our kids, it is difficult to make them love reading , but that does not mean you can not find any solutions. Children can learn something new very fast, which is why it’s good to make reading as an activity. Here’s how to make reading more interesting for your child.

Make it a fun experience

There are many cartoons broadcasted on television today, even famous TV stations broadcast cartoons full of violence that offer negative examples, so you shouldn’t let your children watch these types of cartoons during the day. The good news is that there are some interesting cartoons that your kid could learn a lot of positive things by watching them. Most often you will find out that there are books or comics made after these cartoons and you can choose to read the stories to your kids. If you read to your children a book about their favorite character they will want to know more and more and even try to read by themselves.

Read together

Buy from time to time a small book filled with interesting stories and photos and read them before getting your kid ready for bed or even during the day. There’s a chance that your kid will not be initially attracted to this activity, but you should not give up. Try to read the story and show them that you find it extremely interesting and fun. Do not do it if you are impatient to get him to sleep faster because your children will notice and they will refuse listening to the story. You can try to read a chapter or a couple of pages, and when the story gets interesting, tell him you have a job to do, and continue with the reading later in the afternoon or evening. Your kid will be very curious and wait for you to come and finish the story.

Create a fun reading area

Creating the right environment can help to encourage your child to read. Try to create a pleasant, interesting atmosphere in the bedroom or living room or in another room that you like to read and decorate it with colorful stickers or possibly animating it with plush toys. You can also place some comfortable chairs and pillows in the area so that your children will feel more relaxed. Make sure phones, games and other electronic devices are not within their reach so that they will not be tempted to pick the phone or tablet and play a game instead of reading.