How to get a self-build glass veranda for your home


According to specialists, the best place to spend your time is in your house veranda, due to the fact that the light is great there. You can read your favourite books, enjoy the view while you are clearing your mind or you can take lunch, breakfast or even dinner with your loved ones. And if you do not have a good looking veranda yet, you should start thinking about investing in one. Here there are some tips that can help you having a self build glass veranda.


Building your own veranda – things to consider

There are many types of verandas, but if you are looking for a fancy construction, you should choose your glass well. For example, the roof is very important. There are persons who prefer building their roof from another material, but we recommend glass. And one of the biggest advantages of choosing a glass roof for your veranda is that when it is dark outside, you can stay and watch the stars. You have many options from where you can choose such as clear polycarbonate. Also, another good option is 8 mm thick glass. But you do not have to worry that bad weather conditions such as hailstone can ruin your roof, because they will not.

But if you do not like sun too much and if you are looking for something which blocks the light, you can choose opal polycarbonate. You can also choose a good lighting system which can help you when it is dark. A set of six spotlights can be a perfect choice. What is more, there are persons who are interested in buying privacy screen or to use an aluminium wall in order to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere.

Do you want to put some flowers inside to create a small indoor garden? It is ok, but do not exaggerate! Flowers can make your air cleaner, but you also should think about design. Plus, be careful because flowers like lilies can be somehow tricky, instead try orchids.

Moreover, you should pay attention to furniture and decorations. Try to keep a simple style. Match the colours properly and if you do not want to be wrong, you can go for combinations which never go out of style such as black and white or yellow and green. The last one is cheerful, but also daring and modern.

Last but not least, if you feel like you cannot handle everything, you can try to ask for help. For example, there are companies which can take care of everything. They also offer a wide range of accessories, which will fit perfectly the interior and exterior of your veranda. This is also a good option if you want to save time and get rid of stress.

Three mistakes made by people who are looking at building a veranda:

  • Not investing in good quality materials. Think about the fact that it is more economical to build something well from the beginning, than to renovate your veranda again and again.
  • Not calculating the budget. Building a veranda can be both an expensive and affordable choice. It all depends on how you manage your budget.
  • Making the veranda look too crowded because of too many things.