How to get to know a person faster

Did you know that you can fall in love with anyone at any given time of your life just by addressing a few questions that will be answered conveniently to you? This is a proven fact so you should start getting yourself documented about it. Even though you might find it hard to believe, asking the right questions can make you understand a person almost in an instant. Some of them might sound boring or not special at all (and you can see examples here:, but in reality there is a psychological meaning especially created for this purpose. The science of love is not as easy to understand and apply as one may thing. Here are some tips regarding how to get to know a person faster than before:

First impression

Every relationship a person has, no matter if it’s about friendship, love or simply formal, is based on what impression one leaves behind. From the way a person is dressing to the way they speak or use their mobile phone says something about them. Paying attention to all these details while you are interacting with them is the first step towards knowing them. People are making friends with other persons around them in environments such as work, school or organized events. This is happening because of the fact that one will find it much easier to empathize with someone who has at least one thing in common with them. This is a limitation, given the fact that it is going to be a planned thing, meaning that you will know what kind of impression you will have to leave. There is a risk of appearing like someone who you are not, in fact, similar to. Fake people can be found everywhere and this is the exact reason why unplanned meeting are the absolute best.

Building a conversation

The difference between a boring conversation and am engaging one is made by the number and type of questions and topics one will be able to bring into light. In order to make it possible for you to know a person (more precisely, the real person) it is required for them to accept being discovered, vulnerable. Asking questions can lead to unwanted results if you are not going to pick your words wisely. Gathering inspiration from the Internet or building a plan from before can help you keep the conversation out of the boredom zone. The more questions you ask, the more engaged the person will be and the more answers you will receive. What does it mean if you receive a lot of answers? It means that your conversation partner wants you to know them. If you start seeing that your partner backs up and respond vaguely, you should change the subject and remain in the safe zone. You’ll have to pay attention to each detail that might say something new about the person you are trying to read. Anything can lead to finding out something about him or her. The quick tip for getting to know someone faster is by intelligently socializing with them, and not chit-chatting.