How to Turn a Basement into a Your Kid’s Private Wonderland

If you are running out of space in your house you can always add another addition, a second bedroom or an outdoor kitchen. However, these projects can be very costly and time consuming, especially when we’re trying to find a way to also please the children. If you want to make your kids happy and find them a new activity to occupy their minds with, you can consider turning your own basement into a play area. Just follow our tips below to find out how.

Safety measures

Whether you are planning to entirely transform the basement or make some small changes, you need to make sure that your children will be spending their time in a safe and healthy environment. Start by making such adjustments, such as using non-slip rugs or add carpet in the room to prevent accidents and injuries. Moreover, it’s also important to ensure that your kids behave nicely towards their siblings or friends, so consider installing a security camera to keep an eye on you kids at all times.

Get rid of mold

Before you start decorating or adding furniture in the kids play area, make it your one of your obligations to get rid of mold and solve any signs of condensation. Basements are very humid environments, which makes them perfect for the development and growth of mold and mildew. Other than insulating the room, installing a basement dehumidifier will keep allergens, mold and harmful particles at bay. The basement dehumidifier is an useful device that uses its enhanced features to remove the excess moisture from the air. This way, any signs of mold will be instantly removed. Since there are many types of dehumidifiers on the market, we suggest that you check out the site, where you can find reviews of each one of the best selling dehumidifiers of the moment.

Choose a theme

We know that when playing, kids love to imagine that they are in a wonderland. So we can be guided by their tastes in choosing a theme for the basement design, and can even involve them in this process. Often a sticker or a printed wallpaper is sufficient to render the desired theme, especially in small rooms that limit our options. After you have chosen a theme, it is easier to choose the color palette and the pieces of furniture.

Decorating ideas

Most apartments have concrete floors, so you can quite easily hang a swing from the ceiling. It’s an idea that will bring joy to children and an original arrangement as well. It can be placed in the middle of the room or in any other place, according to the dimensions of space.

As we know, kids love to express themselves by drawing. To avoid repainting the walls year after year, you can use a special paint with chalk to paint the walls in their room.