How to turn an outdoor wedding into a luxurious event


If you have set the date of your wedding, and you have been thinking about hosting the reception in an outdoorsy area, planning the party should involve a lot of considerations. Because an outdoor setting does not provide the same level of comfort and luxury that a restaurant offers for example, taking care of some details yourself will be necessary. From handling the toilet hire for weddings Leicestershire, to renting the right marquee, here are a few great ways of adding a touch of luxury to your event, without much effort.

Marquee hire

Outdoor events always present a certain risk, in terms of weather changes. Even if your wedding is held in the middle of the summer, you can never know when a sudden rain appears and ruins the entire party. This is the reason why you will need to take some means of precautions and hire yourself a marquee. Having a wedding tent at your disposal, will protect you from any unpleasant weather inconveniences, and it will also make the wedding setting a bit more chic.

Floral arrangements

The simplest way of making any event more glamorous and eye-catching is by choosing the right floral arrangements. The more flowers you will have at the venue, the more romantic and beautiful the entire area will seem, so try not making any cheap choices, when it comes to floral arrangements.  

Toilet hire

If the wedding will be hosted in a place where accessing an indoor toiler is not exactly possible, hiring a toilet is something that you will need to do. However, those classic plastic toilets you see at certain outdoor festivals and parties are certainly far from being classy, so looking for another alternative will be recommended. Nowadays, just by searching online, you can easily find a company that provides luxury toilet hire opportunities. These types of toilets look just as good as the ones in your home, and will not ruin your perfect wedding setting, so consider this option first.

As you can see, even if you are hosting the wedding reception in the middle of a forest, for example, proving your guests with the comfort and luxury desired is not that difficult, if you keep in mind a few important aspects. Now that you know a few tips on the subject, you can handle every detail necessary to ensure your guests will enjoy a luxurious event, and your wedding will be a memorable one.