Importance of high blood pressure screening for adults


High blood pressure poses great life-threatening risks, causing blood clots and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is no wonder it is called the “silent killer”. Unfortunately, it affects 30% of the UK adult population.  High blood pressure is associated with few or little symptoms. So, how does one know if they have the risk factors? By screening for high blood pressure. Tests can help identify and prevent serious cardiovascular issues. Regular screening is important because it helps identify risk factors in their earliest stages. To put their mind at rest, people should get in touch with a private health screening company like Bluecrest. A Bluecrest health screening review will tell for sure if there is evidence of hypertension.

Why screen for high blood pressure

The importance of screening for high blood pressure cannot be overstated enough. According to statistics, more than 1 in 4 adults in the UK has high blood pressure without even realising it. Screening for high blood pressure in a clinical setting reveals whether blood pressure is high and confirms the diagnostic before beginning treatment. Testing is very important for those who have family history of hypertension. Disease risk assessment is sort of a wakeup call in the sense that it makes people realise they have to take action. Those who find out that they have high blood pressure, need to open this article. High blood pressure can be controlled.

Preparing for a high blood pressure check

The test presumes that the patient is in a resting state, but not asleep. To avoid misleading results, patients need to remain calm, preferably to sit down and not make conversation. Although no special preparations are required, it is advisable for people to use the toilet o empty the bladder and not eat or drink caffeinated products. Blood pressure levels can vary, which is the reason why some people will experience high blood pressure due to being tested. Sometimes, it is necessary to do a series of tests to get the right results.

Treatment for high blood pressure

As stated previously it is possible to control high blood pressure. One way of doing this is using medication. Hypertensive nonblack patients receive diuretics, calcium-channel blockers and enzyme inhibitors. As for hypertensive black patients, they get calcium-channel blockers or thiazide. Reducing the risk of heart disease can be achieved without medication too. Losing weight and eating a healthy diet can really make the difference.

Other key screening tests

The fact is that screening for high blood pressure is not enough for cardiovascular health. Other tests that should be performed are

  • Blood glucose: this test measures the amount of sugar in the blood stream. One can protect their cardiovascular health by managing your blood glucose.
  • Lipoprotein profile: The lipoprotein profile needs to be assessed every 6 years or so. The test measures both bad and good cholesterol.
  • Boyd weight: the body weight is a good indicator of the general health state. People who are obese have a much higher risk of developing heart disease.