Is the 2017 Toyota Camry the sedan of the year?


Whether you are searching for a perfect family car or ne just for yourself, this year, the new Toyota Camry seems to be in customers’ top preferences. Being the first choice of consumers who are searching for a mid-size sedan, the 2017 Toyota Camry beats its own success. It is spacious, safe and has an exquisite interior, attributes which make it the perfect vehicle for family or business purposes, depending on customer’s preferences and necessities. However, let’s see what makes out of this vehicle this year’s sedan.

It continues a history of constant development

Toyota is quite notorious for continuously improving its vehicles. The first generation of Toyota Camry appeared in 1983. Its standard powertrain was a four cylinder, 2.0 litres with five speed manual transmission gears. Four year later, the second generation appeared on the market with a more powerful engine and fascinating appearance. The third generation of this vehicle emerged on the market in 1992, when the producer introduced a 3.0-liter V-6 engine, also with five manual gears. These new attributes improved the car considerably. Constant improvements were brought to these vehicles, so in 2012 we were having a powerful 2.5-liter four-cylinder and the 3.5-liter V-6 engine, a six gear automatic transmission and a stylish exteriors and interior. These features were continuously modified and improved, so in 2017 we have a truly exquisite vehicle.

It is a safe vehicle

Every vehicle from the latest generation comes with antilock disk brakes, front and back airbags, stability and traction control and even knee airbags. Thus, in case of collision, this might be one of the safest alternatives currently available on the market. Optional features include a “Safety Connect” feature that notifies the driver if a collision is a possible event. Also, the Camry received five out of five stars in case of collision, which makes it the perfect vehicle for families with small children and not only.

The interior is an exquisite one

If you were impressed by its safety features, wait until you see the vehicle’s interior. It amazes by its delicate details and care which shows in the finishes, as well as with the generous space it has. It has plenty of leg room for both passengers and the driver, and middle sedan version might be one of the most spacious in this class.