Jazz up the wedding invitations with stamps, glitter and lace

Many of the bride nowadays choose to craft by their own the wedding invitations, because in this way they can be sure that they will look exactly as they would want. You might know some cases when your friends asked a company to design their wedding invitations, and they came out in a wrong model, and they were not satisfied with the result. So you should try to avoid this situation, and buy the supplies needed, and craft them by yourself. For designing some stylish wedding invitations, you only have to have a clear idea about the look of the cards, and invest in some craft stamps, glitter and lace.


You might think that stamps are used only on official papers, but the fact is that nowadays craft supplies stores are providing some special stamps, which can be used to personalise the wedding invitations. Depending on the online store you choose to buy them, you might have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of models, or you might even have the opportunity to design your own. But, it is recommended to choose one which is already created because in this way you already know how it will look, and you do not have to be stressed out with the result. In case you want to choose a flower inspired wedding invitation, you can use a stamp that features rose models, or depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose any other model.


If you want to create sparkly wedding invitations, then you should consider using glitter. Usually brides choose silver or gold glitter, because it can be used with a wide variety of colours, and every bride has her own wedding colour palate, but if you want something special, then you should take a look on online stores because you will definitely find glitter in different colours. In case you choose to use coloured glitter, it is recommended to go with nude tones with the design of the invitations, because if you combine too many colours on such a small piece of paper it might look overwhelming.


There is no other way of designing elegant wedding invitations than using lace. Depending on the model, you are choosing for the invitation, and the colours you are mixing, you have the possibility to wrap the entire invitation in lace, or you can use it only on a little side. In addition, you have to know that there are different types of lace, and in case you are willing to pay a higher amount of money, you can choose a model that features big flowers. You can cut them and glue them on a circle of glitter for obtaining a beautiful effect in the light or you can place a sheer piece of lace on the top of a stamp, to make it look vintage. When you decide to design by yourself the wedding invitations, you only have to invest in these three supplies and you will definitely have an amazing result.