Jobs for the greater good – Which are the most popular?


In our day and time, people generally seek those jobs that offer them financial stability. However, fewer individuals think of those jobs which have the potential of helping others – those jobs for the greater good. If you want to seek that career path which will help you help others, there are plenty of options out there. Below is a short list of those jobs that will meet these requirements that you may have.


Besides having generous salaries, surgeons are well-known for the good that they bring to their patients. Also, surgeons enjoy a very good work-life balance and life quality is also a good one, having plenty of off-days, following all their major interventions. With a median pay of approximately $300,000, we say that this is a great way to satisfy other’s needs, but also your own.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

All obstetricians and gynecologists really think that their jobs are meaningful, especially because they help bringing other lives into this world. However, these workers help treating a variety of diseases of the reproductive system, which makes their work amazing for an increasing number of individuals. With a generous pay, these workers can really pride themselves with giving something back to the society.


Not many may think that being a medium is a rewarding job, but these workers, through their medium chat, really help others cope with some of their most difficult periods in life. From helping people cope with the passing of a loved one to helping people cope with their own demons, these workers really bring the best of giving something back to the society, upfront. By communicating with the other side, psychic mediums help people sustain a fluent communication between their clients and those that are no longer amongst us. For many, this means the world, especially if they didn’t have the chance to communicate with the deceased important matter while they were still alive.


For many, the work of a psychiatrist is a highly important job, as more and more people struggle with mental illnesses. Giving something back and helping the sufferer is one of the main goals of a psychiatrist and many truly succeed in managing their patient’s illnesses and offering them back the chance to a normal, happy and fulfilling life.


If you are not familiar with the job description of an internist, then you must know that these medical experts help identify, diagnose and treat hidden diseases of their patient’s internal organs. Prevention is another important part of their jobs, which makes their services incredibly valuable.

These are some of those jobs that will help you give something back, not only receive. These are all important for so many people, and those who have come into contact with them, don’t cease to emphasize their importance. Pick one of the jobs above if one of your main goals is finding a job for the greater good of the society.