Make Household Chores Attractive for Your Kids

Cleaning, cooking, taking the thrash out or various household chores like these ones are not a source of enjoyment for most adults, even more for children! Most of the time children will refuse helping around the house because they prefer playing on the computer or outside with their friends. The good news is that by using a couple of methods you can make your children to actually enjoy doing specific household chores. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Praise your kid for completing a chore

If your children are hesitant at helping you clean the house you can try rewarding them with a small gift at the end of the day. There’s only one condition: to fully complete the task given. When your child tries to help you cleaning the house, such as picking up his toys from the ground, praise his initiative and encourage him to persevere. Even if things don’t go like you plan them, make sure to appreciate his gesture. If he wants to try something new, such as washing his cup do not stand in his way by telling him that he is too small for a job like this. As long as it’s not something that would be dangerous or hard, let him do it, and you just supervise it.

Turn everything into a fun activity

If your toddler was kept away from household chores during the period when he shows interest and desire for them, it will be increasingly difficult to turn the household chore into a fun activity. However, there are some ways in which you can turn everything into a fun activity.
Washing dishes can become a downright fun moment, and for that you need only liquid detergent. While washing dishes your child will love playing with foam bubbles! Collecting toys scattered throughout the house can turn into a fun contest. Children love competition, so you can start by provoking him: “How many toys can you put in the box until I count to 10?”.

Give him an age-appropriate activity

If your child is a bit older you can take advantage of a child’s need for independence and use some special tactics to help him see the household chore as a fun activity and not as an unpleasant one. After age 8, things must be taken more seriously. Show your child that all family members have responsibilities and can not be otherwise. Gather everyone around the table and make a list of what each family member has to do according to their own abilities. Then the one member that completes all their tasks first receives a special prize.