Mistakes parents are prone to make when choosing a private school


Providing children the best educational environment is every parent’s dream. In the past years, many parents have decided to enrol their children in private schools. However, choosing the right private educational institution is not the easiest and simplest task to do, which is why parents are prone to make several crucial mistakes during this process. It is recommended to start with some online research and websites such as https://www.educators.co.uk/ can be of some great help. Here are the most popular mistakes parents usually make when they have to choose a private school for their little ones.

Not doing detailed research

Most parents tend to become enamoured of the idea of having their children enrolled in prestigious private schools, but they do not take into account specific details such as the teaching style the school uses, the number of students in class or how far from home the school is located. It is essential that parents do detailed research on the Internet and compare the private schools available not only in their region, but also in the surrounding locations. There are parents who believe that applying to several private schools at once increases chances for children to be accepted to one of them. This may be true, but it is also true the fact that this is the easiest way to drive both you, as a parent, and your child a little crazy. Those schools are most probably very different from one another, which is why the research is such an important step.

Over-preparing the child for the interview

In most private schools children have to pass an interview test in order to be admitted. Parents tend to become more excited, but also more anxious than their own children as the interview part approaches. They have to help their little ones prepare for this test, this is true, but as the interview day approaches, parents have to walk between preparing and over-preparing their children. Practising speaking about oneself is definitely beneficial for a child, but doing it too many times may make the child feel overwhelmed and too stressed.

Not visiting the school before

It is essential for parents, but especially for children to visit the private school before the admission exams. This way, the child will have a clearer idea on how the school looks like, how the atmosphere feels like in there and will not feel threatened at all about the exams. What is more, they will also have the chance to meet a part of the school’s staff, thus becoming more familiar with the institution and the people working there.

Waiting for the last minute to submit the forms

Private schools have well delimited periods during which forms can be submitted. It is strongly recommended to avoid waiting for the last day to submit the files, because in case some forms need to be added to the file or replaced with some other ones you have to ensure you have enough time left. Also, it is mandatory that you check the forms several times in order to ensure there are no grammar mistakes, incorrect information or omitted details.