Mold growth – places around your house that need regular check

Believe it or not, mold should be considered a serious problem. Most people tend to overlook this matter, thinking that mold cannot affect them in any way. Truth is those tiny spores can cause some serious health problems if they are not removed from the very beginning. In case you are looking for a company that provides mold inspection services Calgary, you should do some quick research online right away.  Look only for reputable companies that have received positive feedback from previous customers, because this way you will benefit from optimal results. Below are the most favorable places around your house where mold can grow and that you should check regularly.

In the kitchen

This is probably the most common place where mold can install. The reason is that the level of condensation and humidity is quite high, due to the fact that you cook a lot in here. The most common cause of mold growth is moisture, so this place is the perfect house for mold spores to install and grow. It is important to check this room regularly, even behind closets and cabinets, because there are higher chances for mold to grow in darker places than in plain view. One good method to prevent mold growth in this place is to air the room properly every time you cook, so make sure you either open the windows widely, or you invest in a good ventilation system.

Basements – good house for mold

Most people who live in big houses have big basements too and these rooms are usually sub terrain, the reason being that food and drinks are better kept at lower temperatures. Since in the house there are several degrees higher than there are in the basement, there are high chances for this room to hold mold spores. As a result, basements need regular checks too in order to prevent them from growing and eventually expanding all over the house. You either do the check on your own, or resort to professional services, but it is highly important not to exclude this part of the house from the regular check.

Do not forget about bathrooms

Even though bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house, this does not mean that they cannot be favorable for mold growth. Taking into account that steam is regularly present in a bathroom every time you take a shower or use hot water, you should check this part of your house too. It is better to prevent now than to deal with some serious health problems later.