Most Common Addictions of Today’s World

People from all around the world battle addiction and mental illness. Sometimes, getting treatment is a real burden, as there are no effective treatment options out there. Addiction comes in different forms and can manifest itself differently from person to person. Also, the object of the addiction can be virtually anything. From food to gambling, to alcohol and drugs, sex and shopping, there are various addictions that we may fall victims to. But let’s see which are the most common addiction of our era.


Although legal, this is an incredibly destructive intoxicant that impacts the individual and society as a whole. Even if alcohol abuse itself is incredibly damaging for human health, it also causes various conditions and accidents that translate into billions of dollars spent yearly. Almost 30% of the esophageal cancers are caused by alcohol abuse.  Cirrhosis and liver cancer, epilepsy and vehicle accidents, as well as murder, are other health concerns caused by alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is the factor that contributes to numerous violent crimes, in most of the cases spousal and child abuse. For recovery, experts claim that seeking help at one of the reputable ayahuasca retreat centers may be the only reliable solution for many alcohol addicts.


The USA estimates that almost 200 million people worldwide are consuming drugs today. The numbers are steadily increasing, and this is no good new. Prescription medication and illicit drugs are increasingly popular among addicts. Vicodin and OxyContin are two popular prescription drugs widely used today. From the spectrum of illicit drugs, Cannabis, cocaine and heroin are some of the most popular among users around the world.

Cannabis, although legal for medical use in various states, is also used by many without any sort of medical concern that could be used as a treatment. 2.5% of the world population is using cannabis on a daily basis.

Cocaine is another commonly used drug. Almost 3% of the world population is currently using cocaine, and the addiction rates are on a rise. This addiction is causing disease and violence. It is quite of a difficult addiction to heal, and many experts claim that it can only be successfully treated in ibogaine treatment centers for addictions.


Gambling addiction is on the rise in all corners of the world. This happens mainly because of a wider accessibility of this type of activity. Gambling has the potential to destroy families and ruin lives, as many have found out on their own skin. However, mental therapy is a certain way to kick off this habit once and for all. However, make sure that you search for those reputable centers that put a big accent on the psychiatric part of addiction and recovery.

These are some of the most common addiction that we have witnessed to rise. Make sure that you address this issue if one of your friends is battling addiction, besides finding a reliable rehabilitation center, the addict needs love and moral support throughout the whole process.