Most important rules to follow in landscaping – experts’ advice


A well maintained and designed garden is like an oasis of relaxation. It helps you recharge your batteries after a long and busy day at work simply by spending a few minutes on the patio to admire it. However, there are some simple, yet important rules that should be followed in landscaping, so here is how experts from professional and highly reputed companies such as Inch’s Natural advise homeowners.

Opt for a style

One of the first things you have to take care of in landscaping is to decide upon a style that best suits your needs, interests and tastes. Experts agree that not only the interior, but also the outside of the house is the reflection of the homeowner’s personality. Determine your style and think of various ways in which you can make the garden reflect it.

Sketch out the ideas

In order to better visualize how the garden will look like, it may be helpful if you sketch out your ideas on a piece of paper or using a drawing instrument on your PC, such as Paint for instance. Draw, redraw and redraw once more if it is necessary, until you come up with the perfect sketch. It is a good method for you to see which elements should be kept and which ones should not in the landscaping project.

Future planning is important

One of the main rules in landscaping that many amateurs forget about is that it should be something planned for the future, for a very long period, and not only for a few weeks. Make sure the spots you have chosen for the plants are right, since in case you want to make some changes at some point in the future, you may have to tear out the plants, thus ruining the landscape.


Your work does not finish the moment you manage to perfectly arrange every element in the garden. You have to maintain your back yard so that it will always look as good as it did in the very first day. It is best if you take care of any problems that may occur before they overwhelm you. You will spend a lot more time if you do not complete maintenance tasks when necessary.

Odd multiples make the garden look better

You probably agree that three candles on a table look better than two. The odd multiples principle works great in many situations, including in landscaping. Actually, this is one of the basic rules in landscaping. Opt for one, three, five, seven or nine plants in one place, if you want the garden to look great and organized.

Still, you should avoid overcrowding

Planting in odd multiples makes your garden look well maintained and organized, but you should not exaggerate with it. Choosing a range of plant varieties is not a bad move, but it can become if the place gets overcrowded with plants, it will not be eye pleasing anymore.

All things considered, these are some of the main rules every homeowner should keep in mind when it comes to landscaping.