New home, old boiler – why you shouldn’t skip boiler servicing

If you’ve just bought a new house and previous owners had already installed a boiler, then you’re probably really happy with your purchase. Without a doubt, a pre-installed boiler means less money invested in refurbishment and with this heating appliance out of the way you can focus on other projects, such as roofing and flooring. However, you shouldn’t neglect the boiler either. Even if you don’t have to buy a new one, you still have to make sure the old one works well, that it’s safe and that it can keep you comfortable without posing a health hazard. As stressful as the renovation process might be, and as much as you wanted to get it over with, you should take some time to have the old boiler serviced. The inspection doesn’t last more than a couple of hours and you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is in order.


The existing boiler could be broken

It’s not ethical, but it is common for home sellers to “forget” to mention technical malfunctions. The boiler might be working during home inspection, but this doesn’t guarantee that it will work flawlessly once you move in. After one month of non-stop use, it could start making weird noises or break down, not to mention that the heating bill could be huge. Unfortunately, there are many things to look at when buying a house and it’s not always possible to check if the seller is telling the truth. To avoid these surprises, schedule a meeting with a plumber for heating in Bishop’s Stortford. The contractor will inspect the state of the boiler and tell you if it works well or not. If it’s not in the best condition, at least you’ll know what to expect and fix the damage as soon as possible.


You will increase energy efficiency and save money on bills

Having a boiler already installed in the house doesn’t really help you if you have to deal with huge energy bills each month. Even when the boiler works and heats properly, you need to make sure it is energy efficiency and you don’t overspend. With regular servicing, which includes cleaning and replacement of old parts, a boiler’s energy efficiency increases and you won’t spend as much on bills. So, even if there is a periodic cost to pay, you are saving money in the long run.