New mom’s survival guide: how to soothe a crying baby

The amount of excitement experienced when you hear your newborn cry for the very first time may easily transform into frustration, concern and even exhaustion as weeks go by due to the impressive set of lungs that your little one uses as a way to communicate or express his needs. As a new mother, even though it seems a tough mission, you have to control your anxiety and identify the reason behind your baby’s weeping. Maybe he is hungry, cold or hot, bored or maybe you have to check and change his diaper. Regardless of the problem, your newborn is giving you a hint that you cannot ignore and crying represents the only solution that replaces actual words in such a situation. For this reason, you have to stay rational and gentle, even if he just wants a little more attention. If you do not know how to react or what to do, do not panic because this article has the purpose to help you soothe your fussy or crying baby by disclosing some foolproof tricks.

Simple baby soothing techniques that every new mom should know

Some mothers resort to many questionable methods to stop the tears or the troubling sound, such as shaking the baby, which can lead to serious consequences like brain damage and blindness. You just started the journey of parenthood, but you will understand that being a mother requires emotion management and maximum control, especially when witnessing your little one crying. Until then, you have the permission to get creative when it comes to soothing your baby, as long as you do not exceed the limit. Every mother out there should master the basic techniques activating their baby’s calming reflex. These refer to laying him on the stomach or on the side, but never allow him to sleep on his stomach, wrapping him in a warm blanket to make him feel protected, letting him suck on a pacifier or infant bottle, using rhythmic movements in a hammock, baby carrier or swing. Make sure that you purchase the proper swing for your baby after carefully reading the reviews on Such simple techniques can help you maintain your sanity when facing a baby crisis. 

Build a strong connection with your newborn for a calming effect

Of course, these are not the only methods that you can use in order to calm a crying newborn. Other tricks involve holding him in your arms close to your heart and singing him a lullaby because he will inevitably cling on to your voice and forget about everything else, dancing around the house in order to recreate the movement in the womb, breastfeeding or even giving him a gentle massage. Probably the most important thing that you should keep in mind and do during all these activities is eye contact. Do not hesitate to look into your baby’s big and innocent eyes. Most newborns focus on their mother’s face when feeding, which leads us to the following conclusion: making that strong connection with their mother has a calming effect. In fact, maybe it will become a ritual that you two share.