No-Churn Homemade Ice Cream Recipes for the Sweet Treat Lover

When it comes to making ice cream at home, most people resort to the ice cream maker that has it done without the slightest effort. But the best ice cream maker might cost you a small fortune and it’s not something anyone can fit in a tiny kitchen crowded with more essential appliances. If you crave a tasty, refreshing scoop of velvety ice cream but you don’t own a fancy ice cream maker and you are not willing to purchase one right away, you will be thrilled to learn that you can prepare the no-churn alternative. Grab your spoon and prepare yourself for the following mouth-watering recipes that you can make at home whenever you want to indulge in a soft ice cream cup.

What is “no-churn”?

This term refers to the fact that you don’t need an ice cream machine to prepare ice cream. You can easily make it using a blender that you most likely have at home, or, if you like it the hard way, you can use a whisk and put those biceps to work. Once done, you can use plastic or even better, metal containers for the freezer or zip bags if you want to make small portions. The best part is that you can store it in the freezer for up to 6 months and it will not change taste or texture. Just make sure you close the containers very well to avert freezer burns.

Is it really that easy?

Most recipes start with an egg custard that is very pretentious and must be prepared carefully, otherwise, it will turn out looking like scrambled eggs, and the overall texture will be ruined. But not the no-churn ice cream, no. This one is so easy to make that you probably won’t believe it until you try it yourself. The secret is in measuring carefully and picking the right ingredients. Try not to replace or alter the amounts or you might end up with ice cream that won’t freeze properly. If it says ”high fat”, don’t go “low fat” because this will affect the final texture.

Once you have everything at hand, you can take on making delicious and healthy ice cream the entire family can enjoy. For starters, you will make the base that will hold any other ingredient you will want to add. The main three ingredients are:

  1. High-fat whipping cream
  2. Sweetened condensed milk
  3. Vanilla essence

The base is lightly scented with vanilla because it has a subtle flavor that can later embrace any other ingredient you want to add. Had it been chocolate, it would have been almost impossible to add other flavors because chocolate is too strong and it tends to cover all the other tastes.

The first step to making creamy and soft no-churn ice cream is to whip the cream until firm peaks are formed. Then, gently fold it into the condensed milk, with circular moves from bottom to top, to make sure you get an airy texture that will result in soft satin-like ice cream. Add the store-bought or homemade vanilla extract. At this point in the recipe, you can add other ingredients, and we have some simple yet unforgettable taste combinations to suggest.

Endless taste possibilities

This type of ice cream can handle any mix-ins you wish to add, as long as it doesn’t alter the consistency too much. In case you add something that is too liquid, you can use some instant milk powder to thicken it. Without further ado, here are the most popular assortments that won people’s hearts.

  • Minty Chocolate Chip: Spice up the base with peppermint extract, freshly minced mint, chocolate chips, and a pinch of green food coloring to make it look more genuine;
  • Peppered Strawberry Bean: Take a handful of frozen strawberries and white chocolate chips, add them to the base, and sprinkle some black pepper just for a little spice;
  • More S’mores: Everybody likes S’mores, so why not bring them closer to a summer’s dessert? Take some mini marshmallows, some graham crackers, and a few chocolate flakes and mix them with the vanilla base;
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: If you are a fan of the cake, you will love the ice cream that goes perfectly with it. Add a tablespoon of mascarpone, some strawberry jam, and crush a few graham crackers for crunchiness;
  • Cookies and cream: since you already have the cream base, all you will need is a handful of crushed Oreo biscuits to make it a bit crunchy;
  • Lemon Ripple: Upgrade any lemon tart with a delicious lemon ice cream that brings a pinch of acidity to take away some of the sweetness. For this, you will need one cup of lemon curd and 2 tablespoons of instant milk powder. You can complete it with lemon syrup glaze.

Once everything is mixed, it’s time to go to the freezer for the next 5-6 hours, just to make sure all the flavors mix and match perfectly. There is no need to chill the containers before placing the ice cream in them as you would normally do with the custard recipe. As aforementioned, metal containers are better at freezing than plastic or glass, but if you don’t mind waiting longer, you can use glass casseroles that are safer than plastic. For the little ones, you can make individual portions that freeze faster and they can eat right away.

When it’s time to serve it, take it out of the freezer and let it sit for a few minutes so a scoop will smoothly slide into it. Take note that this style melts faster than store-bought ice cream or the one you make in a machine, but this only means that you will have to lick it up faster!

One recipe for all tastes

Perhaps you didn’t know how much you liked ice cream because you never tried making it at home or you thought the process is too complicated. We are sure that, by now, you are convinced that no-churn ice cream is the easiest way to get that fresh delight for a hot summer day. Since you can make it to your liking and you have control over the amounts, it is a healthy dessert that you can pamper yourself with every now and then. And it will last for long in the freezer, so you will never run out of it.

Aside from the simple preparation process based on only 3 ingredients, this method is widely popular because there is no limitation in taste; you can let your imagination run free and explore all the flavor combinations you could possibly imagine. Whether you are a chocolate fan, you like the freshness of fruits, or you dare to try bold mixtures that taste surprisingly well, this basic recipe can be the start for any assortment you like. If you discovered the ideal flavor, feel free to share it with your friends.