Parenting Hacks for a Perfect Health

There are no words to describe how hard it is to be a parent because you have to take constant care of a tiny human who is very fragile and vulnerable, and who likes to be stubborn as well.
If you want to make your life easier as a parent and to take care of your kids in a more pleasurable way for you, read the following lines and apply these parenting hacks for a perfect health.

Trick them into eating vegetables

Kids and vegetables just don’t get along, therefore you have to find an ingenious way to serve healthy and nutritious vegetables to your kids. The best way to do this is to hide the veggies well into foods they actually like or to prepare the veggies in such a way that the children will think they look good for eating. A great way to make your kids eat nutritious and healthy carrots is to slice the carrots into long and slim portions and bake them for 10-12 minutes to become crispy, after which you can serve them to the children. They will enjoy eating the carrots if they are crispy because they will resemble the much loved fried potatoes. Some of the things that you can try are:

  • Bake them as a treat
  • Blend them in a smoothie
  • When in doubt, puree
  • Add cheese
  • Craft faces out of it

Another trick to use if you want to serve your children various vegetables is to hide them in mac and cheese. Fill a bowl to half with mac and cheese, add the pureed vegetables in the middle, and cover the rest until the bowl is filled with mac and cheese. The small ones won’t suspect a thing, and they will get to eat healthy without even noticing it.

Air Purifier

Unfortunately, the indoor air can be filled with many bacteria and contaminants of all kinds that lead to allergies and other serious diseases. To make sure that your kids are healthy, they need to breathe clean air, and a great way to ensure that they aren’t exposed to contaminated air is to use an air purifier, preferably one which uses different types of air filters. Such is the case of the GermGuardian AC4825 air purifier which uses a triple filtration technology which involves a UV filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon filter and targets a wide range of contaminants, from allergens to dangerous disease-causing bacteria.

Treat sunburn with aloe

During summer, you and your children probably use the pool constantly, having fun and cooling off in a pleasant way, but the downside to summertime fun is that inevitably the kids will get sunburns. The creams and lotions that you can buy from stores and pharmacies might do the trick to treat the sunburns, but you can’t rely on applying them on the skin of a child because they are more sensitive than us and their skin might react badly to the substances used in the making of these products. In addition to this, you can also try to:

  • Take frequent cool baths or showers
  • Drink extra water
  • If your skin blisters, allow the blisters to heal
  • Wear clothing that covers your skin when outdoors

Therefore, instead of buying a cream or a lotion, make your own treatment to handle the sunburns. The best trick that you can try to get rid of sunburns is to fill an ice tray with aloe and let it in the freezer until it hardens, afterward applying the cooling and soothing plant extract on the child’s skin, and your own for that matter.