Questions to ask a roofer before hiring

There are situations when the roof of your house has to be repaired and to be sure that it is properly handled you have to collaborate with a reliable company. Nowadays there are so many companies on the market that it is quite difficult to see why one of them is better than the others, but this does not mean that you have to hire one you have no information about. When you repair the roof of your house, you actually improve the security and protection of your house, and if the company, which offers you roof repair services Montreal does not handles the project carefully, might actually affect the state of your whole house. Therefore, before hiring a certain roofer, you should ask the company some questions that will help you find a trustworthy one.

Question 1 – Are you licensed?

The answer to this question should be “Yes”, because you have to be sure that the company, which works on your property, is respecting the regulation of the state, and you will experience no troubles, by having them there. You should research the code requirements from your area to see if the roofers from your town have to be licensed. Also, do not forget to check if their license is up to date.

Question 2 – Do you have insurance?

When you hire a company to handle the repairs from your roof, you have to be sure that it has an insurance for the workers who will be present at your site, in case an accident happens. If the company has an insurance, you will be protected and you will not have to respond in case any of the workers is hurt while working at your roof. In case the company does not have one, and something bad happens, you will be the one who will be responsible and you will have to pay the bills associated with the injury.

Question 3 – Will you remove the damaged roof?

The answer to this question should also be “Yes”, because it is important to also see what is under the old shillings. Some roofers state that in case your old roof is not in a bad condition, they do not have to remove it, but there might be rotten wood or soft parts under the roof, and even if it is repaired, it will quickly deteriorate in time, and you will have to invest money again. Therefore, you should not hire a company, which is not willing to see what is under your damaged roof.