Reasons you should teach your children about metal recycling

If you want to assure your children a healthy environment, you have to teach them how to behave in order to maintain the planet in a good state. You have to explain them why is so important to take care of the planet, and what they can do, to help it provide them a healthier place to live in. They have to understand that it is a cycle, and if they help the planet, it will offer them only benefits. Here are the main reasons you should teach your children the importance of metal recycling in Scarborough.

Environmental benefits

You want your children to live in a healthy environment, so you should be the one who makes the first step and teach them how they should help the environment remain clean and healthy. Recycling metal has many benefits compared with making products from new one, because during the second practice a greater amount of greenhouse gas emissions are released. These emissions influence the climate change and cause the harmful level of air pollution in cities, which has as side effect respiratory health problems. In addition, recycling metal has as effect a decrease of water waste, during the extraction process.

Energy conservation

Great energy is conserved if people choose to use recycled metal instead of new one, because drilling the ore also includes extracting, refining and processing it. Depending on the type of metal, the energy conservation might differ. There are many studies, which show that when recycling aluminium is used 95 percent less energy than when it is derived from raw materials, and when steel is recycled, it is saved 60 percent less energy.

Natural resource conservation

An important step in keeping the plant in a good shape is to preserve its natural treasures and beauties, and during the extraction process, both of them are affected. You have to teach your children, that they are not the last people on Earth and they have to leave something for the future generations. There is a limited amount of metal ore on Earth and by recycling the existing one, you and your family reduce the amount of virgin ore needed to be mined. Your children have to learn to care for not only they and their loved ones, but also for the environment and surroundings, because this is the world they live in, and they have to properly care for it.