Redux Capture the Flag – The Perfect Game for Tweens and Teens

We are all familiar with the classic Capture the Flag game. The rules are simple: you have two teams, each one with their individual flag, and the purpose of the game is to protect your team’s flag and capture the flag of the opposing. This game is a classic that we have all played, and our children still play it even today. Redux proposes a modern alternative to the classic game, one which includes a lot of fun, glowing props. These props encourage you to play the game at night, which is why this game is less suitable for small kids and more suitable for tweens and teens. Playing at night is a lot more fun, because there is an aura of mystery and suspense surrounding the game. Moreover, if you are an active person, who goes camping a lot or spends a lot of time outdoors, this game can also be fun for adults. We had the chance to test it, and we can certify that it does indeed deliver the thrilling experience that it promises. Without further ado, here’s what the game is all about:

Prop kit

The game kit contains a lot of glowing elements. It consists of 32 glowing game pieces, which include 2 glowing orbs, territory lights, 8 jail markers, team bracelets and a few more elements. The kit also includes all the batteries needed a day of playing, as well as a deck of illustrated playing cards. The playing cards feature information on the classic game, and there are also 6 cards for 6 game variations, and 6 cards with rules for 6 new games.

What’s different from the classic game

In the classic game, all you needed was a flag for each team, and maybe also some matching clothing pieces for each team, such as same colored hats or bandanas. In the Redux Capture the Flag game, the flags are replaced with glowing orbs, the bandanas are replaced with glowing team bracelets, and you also get territory and jail markets. The team colors are blue and green, colors reflected in each team’s props. The territory markers are red.

Game variations and new games

An example of a game variation proposed by Redux is the Wizard. This variation is perfect for those times when you have an uneven number of players. This variation can significantly change the outcome of a game. The wizard’s power consists in freezing the game at any time. When this happens, he has 60 seconds to verbally re-position all players. He can use this power three times in the course of a single game. As far as new games, Redux proposes some new twists on the classic flag capturing game play. One twist is called Werewolves vs. Hunters. In this story, you have a werewolf who hides the orb. The goal of the hunters is to find the orb. While searching they can be tagged by the werewolf at which point they also turn into werewolves.