Safest Space Heaters for the Kids Bedroom

When you have a child, it’s important to keep them comfortable as well as safe, so finding the right heater for their room implies a thorough research. Considering that this involves the well-being of your children, every aspect must be taken into account in order to find the space heater that will ensure a warm, cozy, and safe living area. With this in mind, we have decided on the safest space heaters that you can use for your kids’ bedroom without any potential risk.

What to avoid

The space heater that you must avoid using in the kids bedroom is the gas heater because this one can pose a risk to the safety and health of the little ones. The toxic emissions resulted by burning gas can cause breathing problems and make the gas heaters absolutely forbidden for the kids bedroom. The carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous for everyone, especially for children who are more sensitive and require special attention. You should never place a gas heater in the kids bedroom because they represent a safety hazard.

What to opt for

    • Convection heaters are a good option that can keep the kids both warm and safe due to the blowing-air operating that ensures a wide area coverage. These heaters consist of a heating element that creates heat and a fan that blows the heat into the air in order to increase the air temperature. A good thing about this heater is that it includes a thermostat that stops it the moment the air reaches the desired temperature, so it won’t overheat. However, it’s best that you keep the convection heater out of the reach of children because the heating element might heat the housing and it could burn the little ones.
    • The safest and most convenient space heater that keeps safety a top priority is an infrared heater, which is a radiant device that emits heat toward the bodies and objects in a room, so there is no dry air blown into the room or warmth to be lost. There are no heating elements exposed so the kids will be safe around this heater, especially if you opt for an infrared panel that you can hang on the wall or on the ceiling. Because there is no heat blown into the air, the respiratory system of the kids will be protected from drafty air and dry air. Infrared heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the room size so the efficiency will be matched to a low consumption.