Seeing an astrologer – the do’s and don’ts

For many people seeing an astrologer is like getting a glimpse. When you first met them, they try to explain you some aspects about yourself, and how the stars influence your life. Also, they will tell you that at different periods of time, you will have to take a moment and decide what you have to do forward. Many people have the misconception that they know themselves, and they understand why they are facing some hard moments sometimes, but it is important to have a specialist who can clarify you, and offer you advice on what you should do next. If this is the first time you are seeing an astrologer then you should know that there are certain question you can ask them, and you should offer them certain information about yourself.

Offer them details

The first thing you have to do is to offer the astrologer details about yourself. They have to know your name, date of birth, time and place of birth, because based on these details they will try to discover more about you. You should not offer the astrologer details as the planetary positions, because they have to be the one that know this. You should not be surprised that the majority of astrologers have a software they use to make the charts they need for a consultation. In case they will not use this software, they would have to work a month to produce all the materials they need to help you in your quest.

You should not ask them more than a question during one consultation

The majority of people have the misconception that they can find answer to all their questions in a single consultation. The fact is that the astrologer is not a genius, and they are not able to offer you answers to all your questions at once. Astrology is complicated and the astrologer has to think deeply in order to understand the hidden things of the horoscope. So, it is advisable to stay focused on one question during each consultation, and ask the astrologer get maximum attention to it. In this way, you will get the right answer.

Do not try to influence the astrologer

People have the misconception that the astrologer has the power to influence a client. The fact is that the client is the one who influences the astrologer, because there are not few the cases when a client tries to make the astrologer tell them what they want to hear. You should offer the astrologer the chance to speak; actually, they are the ones who should speak most of the time.

Do not tell the astrologer you know their field

When you decide to see an astrologer, you should not try to impress them by stating that you know a lot of things about this domain. You might have read some details online, but this does not mean that you can read your horoscope, as they would do. They are objective and they will be able to make a conclusion relying on their knowledge.