Signs of drug abuse – Noticing a loved one’s struggle

Considering the high increase in drug consumption over the last few years, especially among people of young age, it’s always possible for someone in your life to be going through a harmful addiction, without you even realizing it. Your role as a friend or family member implies watching over the people you care for, and that means observing if any symptoms or signs of drug abuse are present. There are a few things that may help you in this department, so here are some of the most common pointers that someone close is struggling with illegal substance abuse:

Behavioral changes

If the person who you are suspecting to be taking drugs is someone you know pretty well, and spend a lot of time with, it will be easy to figure out if they are under the influence of drugs through simple behavioral abnormalities. Increase, unexplained irritability, major personality changes, depressive state, lethargy, extensive and unusual changes in their habits are only a few examples in this situation. Because drug addiction hurts family members and friends and not only the person going through the struggle, noticing this problem on time and helping them reach out for help can be essential.

Physical symptoms

Physical signs can also be observed if you are paying enough attention. There are a few things that can tell you if something wrong is going with someone you know, and if they might actually need treatment for addiction recovery. Glazed or bloodshot eyes are common in this situation, so you can use this as a main clue. Their pupils might also be constricted or dilated if they are currently on something, so try to get a good glimpse of their eyes. If they have also lost a lot of weight recently, in a short amount of time, or they are dealing with insomnia or oversleeping problems, it may also mean they are consuming illegal substances.

Financial difficulties

Last but not least, one of the most obvious things to notice is if the said person seems to be going through an unexplainable struggle financially. If they are constantly borrowing money, or they seem to not manage their finances properly, despite having a reasonable salary, this might be a good indicator that they are spending their income on drugs. This can be easily spotted by someone close, who knows their usual financial status. If this is the case in your situation, you could confront them on the matter – evasive answers will most likely be provided, so be attentive.

As you can see, it’s possible for you to notice if someone close is on drugs and going through an addiction. Being able to spot this issue on time may give you the chance to do something about this unpleasant situation and help your friend or family member overcome this life-threatening challenge. Nowadays, holistic treatments are available, so with your support and the right recovery approach, healing doesn’t have to involve an unbearable journey. Remember, personal support can be crucial in a person’s full recovery, so be there for them at all times, without judgment.