Smart decluttering tips that will save you this Christmas

Usually, the holiday season comes with some pressure for all of us. The pressure of finding the right presents for everybody, the pressure of cleaning and making our houses presentable for all the guests that we plan on having by, and so on. Luckily, there is a solution for everything, and when it comes to decluttering, storage units seem to be the answer we are all searching for. Below we have some smart tips and tricks that will help you organize and declutter your home before the holidays.

Consider investing in a self-storage unit

Generally, garages are places where people tend to stuff into boxes and store all sorts of things they don’t need. But, given the relatively small space available, these areas of our homes seem to never become organized, in spite of our continuous attempts. A better solution is renting a self-storage unit and moving all the unnecessary objects during the winter there. Your patio set of chairs and table will most probably end up there, but before starting to move all your stuff in a unit of this kind, assess if you need everything that you usually store in your garage. There are some simple questions that will make the entire process easier.

  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I really use it?
  • Do I want to keep it?

Answering all these questions will help you assess the necessity of all your items and will help you sort through them. Whatever items you don’t need or love anymore can be disposed of, and what you still need and find appealing will go in the storage unit rented by you.

Keep your holiday cards in order with a simple idea

Given the fact that you’ll have to arrange and organize all your holiday cards, it would be better to think ahead of an organizing idea suitable for the occasion. As we found on the Internet, a good organizing solution for your cards is using kitchen twine and hanging your cards on it. This is an adorable idea of sorting those and displaying them, while offering easy access whenever needed.

Make a game out of your holiday decluttering process

If you can manage to make everything seem entertaining enough, you will succeed to get your children involved in the process as well. Start small, by making a game out of who cleans their room first. Reward them, if necessary, but they will certainly enjoy the process if you manage to make it sound entertaining enough.

Decorate your home sooner and get rid of some boxes

Just like everybody else, you most probably store all your Christmas décor in various boxes, where else, then in your garage. If you decorate your home sooner, you manage to get rid of some boxes and have a cleaner and orderly home. And, as a bonus, a recent research has shown that if you decorate your home sooner, you become happier!

These are some simple tips and tricks that will help you organize your home easier before the holiday season.