Some myths about dental implants

“Never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile”, they say. This is true, but, sometimes problems may appear and they can affect your teeth appearance. And sometimes the best solution is appealing to dental implants. But, there are, however, some persons who say that they are afraid to ask for such services, because of some myths. And here they are the most common of them.

“Dental implants are not able to replace the missing teeth”


When you have to confront with the loss of one or more teeth, a thing is certain. You do not have to hesitate anymore and to visit your dentist. After an elaborate dental check, the doctor is able to say if the dental implants are the best alternative for recovering your smile. Moreover, if you choose a good dental clinic, you have nothing to worry about. Nowadays techniques are those which make dental implants able to mimic your natural teeth. And the best news is that the dental implant technology is getting better and better. If you are looking for recommendation, you should definitely try dental implants Frankston.

“A dental implant procedure is extremely painful. Not anybody is able to handle it.”


Pain is not the biggest problem when it comes to dental implant, but fear. There are many persons, both kids and adults, who are afraid of dentists. But, as it was said above, technology has evolved a lot lately and now, there are some modern ways for overcoming this fear. For example, you can ask about a new procedure called “sleeping dentistry”. This means that you can have your dental implant done while you are sleeping.

“There are not so many benefits of dental implants as dentists say”


This is not true. If you check the list of benefits, you will convince yourself that there are more than you think. For example, we can talk about resistance. Dental implants prove to be very efficient during time and if you take good care of them, you can enjoy them your whole lifetime. Also, a very important aspect is that they can improve your cavity functions. This means that you can have a better bone structure. Of course, if the dental implant is not fitted properly, people will find it difficult to eat or even to speak. Also, there is another popular myth which says that teeth can slip out of your mouth when you have an implant. But this may happen only if they are not fixed.

“Dental implants are not comfortable”


This is also a myth. Your dentist’s duty is to find the best implant for you, as to make your new teeth look natural. And if you feel like you cannot enjoy great comfort, it means that something went wrong. You have to go to a dental expert immediately and ask him to take actions. Last but not least, if the implant is not right, it will make you unable to pronounce the words correctly.

“Not anybody is able to receive a dental implant”


This is true. There are some exceptions when it comes to this dental procedure. Only those who have enough bone tissue to support the surgery are able to ask for an implant. On the other hand, people who suffer from chronic diseases or smokers are not always eligible for such intervention.